Ironman Wisconsin 2015

We have a 2-time Ironman in the family now! Joe finished his second Ironman Wisconsin yesterday in 13 hours 46 minutes, a huge improvement from his first of 16 hours, 9 minutes. He did awesome the entire race, improving every single individual time, even transition times! His goal was to run the entire marathon, which he did! His extra hard work and training paid off!



Happy Birthday Cora

Our Cora turned 5 today! Cora had a nice dog breakfast with all of her favourite foods…bacon, hashbrowns, eggs and peanut butter.  And then we gave her presents! She got a new stretchy, squeaky, crinkly giraffe toy, plus a new ball and some jerky treats.  She also got a new purple collar but her current collar is still good so we are saving that.  I just like to have a spare collar on hand in case the clips break or something and she is currently wearing our old spare (because the clip did break).

20150517_090544_resized 20150517_093227_resized

We didn’t end up taking her anywhere fun for any special walks or swimming, but I think she had a pretty good day anyways with people home all day and playing with her and special snacks etc.

PhD Candidate

It’s been a few days since I’ve had any updates and I’ll come back tomorrow with some more pictures and random things we’ve been doing but for today I thought I would share that we officially have a PhD Candidate in the house! Joe is going back to school for his PhD in Computer Engineering.  We didn’t doubt he would be accepted, but he was officially accepted today so now it’s for sure.  He still needs to select a faculty member and work out the details but he will be starting school again in June! Which means we will have a very busy summer around here with Joe’s Iron Man coming up in September and his return to school for what will probably be several years of work!

20150319_192847James and I are very proud of him!