Officially a Triathlete!

Joe competed in the Yooper Sprint Triathlon this morning and is now an official triathlete!  His end time was 1 hour, 35 minutes and 4 seconds and he did great in all of the events!  There were much fewer people this year because there wasn’t going to be an event and then new sponsors picked it up at the last minute, plus the weather is terrible today too but if you compare Joe’s time to last year’s event he would have been 25 out of 48 people which is fantastic! The whole day has been freezing and rainy and a very unfortunate kind of race day but it all worked out well and the people who did show up all finished and had a good time.  They swam first and the water was pretty cold at about 65 degrees and knocked the breath out of everyone (me too as I was watching from the beach!) so I think Joe is going to end up buying a wet suit for his triathlon in August.  The distance is further and the water won’t be much warmer so I think it’s a good idea.

Number 4 heading into the water.  It was a water start so they all got in first and lined up at the edge of the dock.

There were kayakers and a coast guard rescue boat with the swimmers

My camera got too wet and totally died during the transition from swimming to biking.  I thought it might be dead for good but I put it on the heater vent in the car and it dried out a bit and came back going strong.  Here is Joe transitioning from bike to run.  His legs were very tired at this point and he was soaked from the swim and the rain that just kept falling!

There he goes!

I walked out a little ways to watch him come back in. He made it the whole way and I was very proud!

All of the competitors in the transition area.

Right after the event we headed home for Joe to shower, get warm and chance and then we went back out to Wal-Mart to buy a baby pool for our chicks who may arrive earlier than expected tomorrow or Tuesday.  After that we headed to the Co-Op for our lunch and came home to nap and read and watch TV for a rainy afternoon!