Fox Cities Marathon

This morning was marathon day! I was up around 5 and we were all ready to go at 6! The race began at 7am this year in order to beat the heat except that it was just freezing cold instead and everybody was all bundled up! I had my normal running clothes on, plus long sleeves, plus my fleece.  I gave Joe my fleece right as the gun went off and I was fine running although I needed my long sleeve layer for almost the entire race, I only took it off for a couple of miles before getting chilly and putting it back on! Joe did not run this marathon with me because he is still recovering from his Iron Man two weeks ago!

This marathon was smaller than our first marathon in Duluth.  There were just under 1,000 participants doing the full marathon and then a few thousand others doing either a walk or run for the half-marathon.  I was in the slow corral which meant 5 hours or over for the full marathon. 🙂  The first part of the race was great and I had a promising time and I had a handkerchief with me so I could blow my nose every once in awhile along with Vitamin C drops to keep me from coughing and I was good to go!  Closer to 15 miles I started to get tired and slow down a bit and by 18 miles I was running and walking both.  I still had a pretty good time and even with a bunch of walking I still finished this marathon in 4 hours and 54 minutes which would have put me in the middle corral for the start! It is also almost an hour faster than our first marathon which isn’t too bad for being sick and not having trained much! After our June marathon I didn’t feel like doing long training runs, it was too hot and I wanted to do more stuff with Joe.  I had a 10 mile run in July for the Canal Run which Joe also did, and then two 12 mile runs, and about 10 days before the race I went on a 20.5 mile run thinking that I should at least get one long run in! I think had I been healthy, and had trained a bit more I could have done an even better job but in the end I’m still thrilled with how it turned out because I was expecting it to take me a really long time, much longer than it did! During the race my parents and Joe drove around to different points to wave at me so I got to see them like 3 or 4 times while I was out there which was nice! I will try to upload some more pictures when I get them.

After the marathon we headed home so I could shower and get warm and dry.  I was fine when we ended but Joe had brought my fleece and a blanket just incase. I put my fleece back on right away and was doing pretty good although by the time I was heading to the shower I was cold enough to be glad for hot water! After I was all ready to go the four of us headed back out to a local restaurant called Cinders where we met my friend Hope and her husband Brad for lunch.  I’ve known Hope since 4th grade and Joe went with me to their wedding 6 years ago (today was actually their 6th anniversary!).  I was in Hope’s wedding and then Hope was also in our wedding two years ago.  And for marathon day today Hope was running the aid station at mile 23 with her husband, mother-in-law and another nurse (Hope is also a Nurse Practitioner) so I waved to them as I passed but I didn’t stop because I wasn’t injured! This race had two types of aid stations water/gatorade/bathroom stations and then first aid stations with food and first aid care.  Hope, with her nursing skills, was running an actual first aid station.

After lunch we headed back home to collect Cora, pack up our things and drive back up to the U.P.! It was a really short trip but it was still fun!