Canal Run 2015

I made it! It was almost the perfect day for a run today and I’m very proud/satisfied with my 2:16:00:.7 time… except for that pesky .7 of a second! That comes out to an average pace of 10:22 per mile. Most of my miles were sub-10 or just over, except for miles 11 and 12 which were about 11 and 12 minutes per mile respectively… I had to walk a bit during those last couple miles! They are very steadily uphill and I was getting tired and sore. I was hoping for a 2:30 finish and expecting more like a 2:45 finish so 2:16 was awesome! That comes out to over 2 minutes per mile faster than most of my training runs… apparently I don’t work hard enough in training!


Also, I’m competitive so I liked to pass people and not let many pass me. I just kept picking new targets and kept on going. Plus, I did ‘cheat’ a bit by using music (which is allowed and a large number of runners do it, but it is slightly discouraged for safety reasons because the road is not closed) and I took some pain meds beforehand to help my hip, which is actually not feeling too bad post-race… especially considering I do 99% of my training on soft trail and this was a road race.


Joe and James bummed around and got breakfast while I ran and then after James did the quarter mile kids run with a little help from us! He also won a metal and got a shirt. Except, I ordered him an xs but when we went to get it they had given them all away so he has a medium… which he can wear when he is like 10!

This afternoon we took a 3 hour family nap (which is biting us in the butt for bedtime!) after Joe ran to the dump and mowed the lawn and James and I got cleaned up and made some lunch. Then we went out to find new shoes for Joe and James. Joe’s were worn out and James feet grew a lot all of a sudden!  James ended up picking car shoes that light up and then he got some new socks too! Joe got normal shoes… they do not light up 🙂


23-24 Weeks/ Canal Run 2013

Yesterday was my third annual Canal Run!  Each year so far I have done a different race… the first year I ran the 5 mile race, last year I ran the 10 mile race and this year I walked the 5 mile race. Joe did not do it this year, but the last two years he ran the 10 mile race each time.  This year he was there and waited for me while I walked which was super nice of him! I love going to all of his races, but I didn’t expect him to go to this one with me since I was just walking and it was only 5 miles but he got up super early and came with me and waited for me at the finish line!  This year was the first year for their new half-marathon and I was bummed I didn’t get to do it… it has my name all over it for next year!

I debated this year whether I should do the 10 mile walk or 5 mile walk.  I was worried it would be roasting hot and I wouldn’t be able to make it and I ended up just signing up for the 5 mile (especially since Joe wasn’t doing it and I would be by myself).  The temperature was perfectly nice and cool but I’m still glad I only did the 5 mile because I was tired and my legs were getting sore!  I don’t think there was any way I would have made the 10 mile without overdoing it and/or calling Joe halfway through to come get me! 🙂 5 miles was plenty!



Here I am after the race with my grapes in a cup.  I wasn’t hungry… it was only 5 miles and it only took me about an hour and fourteen minutes (I came in about 59th in 160 5 mile walkers, 9 out of 11 in my age group and roughly 46 in almost 130 women… so not last!) … but I figured if they were going to offer me a snack I wouldn’t pass it up! So I helped myself to grapes anyways 🙂  I was so surprised during the race how many 5 mile competitors, both runners and walkers, that felt the need to bring Gu (energy gels) or carry full water bottles in fanny packs or Camelbacks.  So weird! There were aid stations every couple of miles, we passed 3 just during the 5 mile race alone, so how anybody needs that much extra I don’t know! I can understand the half marathoners needing some extra energy… but 5 miles is a bit ridiculous!

I had to work today (Joe did as well, he has clients up this week), but afterwards when I got home I put some comfy clothes on and made Joe take a normal picture of me too.  These are some of my last regular clothes that are stretchy enough to still wear. I don’t know that I’d wear them in public because they are pretty fitted but at home they are still comfy.  All of my normal pants have been retired for a long time but I can still wear my yoga lounge pants and two skirts made out of this stretchy jersey material.  Most of my tops have been retired as well although I still have a couple stretchy ones that I stuff myself into when I’m home and I did get a new Canal Run shirt that fits because I got a big one!


I tried to get the dog to stand with me but she was all riled up and confused and wouldn’t come near me.  Chloe did but she was too short to show up very well in the pictures! You can sort of see her tail in the one anyways.



CSA Share #3 & 2012 Canal Run

This morning Joe and I ran in the 37th annual Canal Run.  Originally it was just going to be me this year but last night Joe decided at the last minute that he would do it too! We both competed in the 10 mile run this year, Joe did the 10 mile last year but I only did 5 so this year it was fun for us to do the same one.  We each had a good race and finished in 1:42 and 1:48 respectively.  Joe’s hamstring hurt him but he finished and made it just fine!  After the race we headed home to shower, pick up our CSA share and then we went shooting for awhile in the afternoon.  Right now Joe is cooking us an awesome supper that I will share probably tomorrow and then we are meeting my coworkers and their families for bowling/hanging out because one of the girls was leaving and now two girls are leaving us about a week apart so it will be fun to hang out one last time.  One of the ladies is moving to Seattle so no one will see her for awhile but the other one is just moving to a different pharmacy so she will still be around! I’m not sure if the second one is coming out tonight or not since it was her daughters 5th birthday party today and the kids might be wiped out already by the time bowling comes around.

This is what our third CSA share looks like this week.  It is very green!

It includes:

  • Kale
  • Salad turnips
  • Scallions
  • Jalapenos
  • Snow Peas
  • Mustard
  • Arugula
  • Sorrel
  • Bitter head lettuce
  • Baby pac choi

A couple of things we are having some for supper including arugula, turnip and scallion and the rest we will have to see! I think we will need to use most things quickly because I still haven’t figured out how to keep the greens from wilting in the fridge. I did see some produce saver tupperware at the store so maybe I will need to try those since I can’t find the green bags. I only didn’t get them because they aren’t as versatile and I will need to cut things in half or into pieces to save them in tupperware.  I guess in pieces is better than wilted though!