Sunday Night Fun

Joe had almost 5 hours of work out time today between biking and running so while he was gone James and I cleaned out the car, fully cleaned his carseat and did some cleaning around the house because we have a realtor coming tomorrow to check out the house.

No, we are not moving! We are thinking about possibly trying to move into a newer home next year and would like to know what our house is worth now and what would be the best work to do to it! Should be interesting and hopefully we will get lucky on an estimate.

This afternoon we watched Cars 2 with James and then got ice cream for supper as a fun treat!  James ended the evening playing with his trucks in rice and Joe and I ended with a couple shows on t.v.



Canal Run 2015

I made it! It was almost the perfect day for a run today and I’m very proud/satisfied with my 2:16:00:.7 time… except for that pesky .7 of a second! That comes out to an average pace of 10:22 per mile. Most of my miles were sub-10 or just over, except for miles 11 and 12 which were about 11 and 12 minutes per mile respectively… I had to walk a bit during those last couple miles! They are very steadily uphill and I was getting tired and sore. I was hoping for a 2:30 finish and expecting more like a 2:45 finish so 2:16 was awesome! That comes out to over 2 minutes per mile faster than most of my training runs… apparently I don’t work hard enough in training!


Also, I’m competitive so I liked to pass people and not let many pass me. I just kept picking new targets and kept on going. Plus, I did ‘cheat’ a bit by using music (which is allowed and a large number of runners do it, but it is slightly discouraged for safety reasons because the road is not closed) and I took some pain meds beforehand to help my hip, which is actually not feeling too bad post-race… especially considering I do 99% of my training on soft trail and this was a road race.


Joe and James bummed around and got breakfast while I ran and then after James did the quarter mile kids run with a little help from us! He also won a metal and got a shirt. Except, I ordered him an xs but when we went to get it they had given them all away so he has a medium… which he can wear when he is like 10!

This afternoon we took a 3 hour family nap (which is biting us in the butt for bedtime!) after Joe ran to the dump and mowed the lawn and James and I got cleaned up and made some lunch. Then we went out to find new shoes for Joe and James. Joe’s were worn out and James feet grew a lot all of a sudden!  James ended up picking car shoes that light up and then he got some new socks too! Joe got normal shoes… they do not light up 🙂


After 9 training runs in about 2 and a half months… I’m attempting a half-marathon tomorrow.  I’m a bit slow, hurt my hip somehow and a bit heavier than the last time I raced 3 years ago… hopefully I can finish! Joe and James are going to cheer me on and James may run the kids race if he is feeling up to it! Then we are about 8 weeks from Joe’s Iron Man! It’s coming up quick and we are excited to watch him!


Also, testing the Word Press app on my phone to see how it works. Might make me post more often if I can upload a quick photo and story!