A Day in the Life – 2014 Weekday Edition

The past few years I have done a “Day in the Life” post just for fun.  I did not do one in 2013 because the majority of the year I was pregnant, the first part I was sick and barely blogging, then I just kind of fell out of blogging in the middle, and the end I was either extra tired and pregnant or caring for a newborn and I just never did a post.  So I thought today I would record a day with James.  It’s probably not interesting to anybody but me, but someday I can look back on it and remember what our days were like when he was so little! Our first few days home I did write down what we did at what times just to have to remember and they had even less of a routine than we do now! At least I roughly know how the day will go when I wake up now 🙂  I always like going back and reading my old posts like this to see how those days went too! Since Joe isn’t here to share in our day, I think I will do a normal day in the life post later in the spring on a weekend day when he is here and we are doing normal weekend things.  All of my previous days are from weekends.

Click through these for my previous years days’ 2012, 2011, 2010.

4am – James wakes me up after sleeping over 8 hours (normal is 4-7  for his first stretch, this was the first 8 hours).  James hasn’t been swaddled for bed for a few weeks now and he hasn’t had swaddled naps for a few days now either.  He sleeps in sleep sacks most of the time but tonight he was using his cozy Christmas jammies.


4:45 – James goes back to bed, I go to the bathroom, get a drink, pet Pinga (who rarely comes into the bedroom) and pet Cora (who likes to sleep in the sunroom), then go back to bed too petting Ocean on my pillow and Chloe by my feet in the process (this go back to bed routine is the same every time James wakes me up except sometimes I keep cookies for Cora in my bathrobe).

6:45 – Joe gets up, says bye, walks Cora and heads to work (thankfully I don’t think he had to plow this morning)

7:15 – James starts to wake up off and on and I doze.

7:45 – I get up and dressed and run down to put the trash out by the road


8:00 – James is definitely awake now, get him up and changed and dressed.  Then, he sits and talks to me while I get food for cats, dog, rabbit, bird and usually my breakfast too.  If he is upset and/or starving sometimes the animals wait a bit but usually he is content to sit in the kitchen for a few minutes and look around or coo.




8:15 – James and I in the living room eating our breakfasts (peanut butter jelly toast and cocoa for me and milk for James), checking things like email, Facebook, and bank accounts, check/pay bills and watch some of the Today Show. Lots of time’s we email Joe good morning too.  And send him stuff during the day… he probably wishes I was going to work so I couldn’t send him so much sometimes!


8:45 – Play with toys on floor and try to capture (unsuccessfully) rolling over on camera.  I swear he smiles all the time but I can’t capture them!


9:10 – Diaper break, More breakfast for James, Cora snoring in the recliner


9:30 – Head upstairs, Diaper #4, partial outfit change due to excessive drool and spitup, James played on his floor mat for a couple minutes while I put his laundry away (I did all of our laundry yesterday and got ours away but I didn’t want to go in his room while he was asleep to do his!), then we played together for a couple minutes but James was fussy so read a book instead, nurse, James asleep for nap at 10.



10:00 – James is asleep, make beds, put dishes away, wash up last few dishes from last night, clean up toys in living room, wash last nights eggs because I forgot about them last night, wipe down counters, file away important paperwork I’ve been saving on the fridge,  take Cora out for a walk, feed and water chickens, take out some ground beef for supper, look up how to make homemade baked beans because there are extra soaked beans that I didn’t use in chilli last night, thaw bacon ends for beans after looking at recipe, talk to work about finalizing leaving and finishing up stuff with them, sweep and mop kitchen/laundry/living room/stairs



10:50 – James starts waking up, quick finish what I was doing


11:00 – Get James up, diaper #5, play on floor in his room

11:15 – Feed James, James snuggles/nap on couch in my arms, more Today Show for me and online stuff.  I admit I probably spend too much time on Facebook but I also read about stocks, news, blogs, child development etc., homemade ideas, crafts, and deal with ebay and craigslist stuff.  Last week I even read about web development but haven’t since…

12:15 – Sleeping James into Pack n’ Play which wakes him up and pisses him off a little bit but he is patient enough to look at his kitty cat for a few moments for me, start coffee, make lunch… ham sandwich, leftover chilli and a carrot.  Kind of a big lunch, normally it’s a sandwich and carrots/apple lately but I thought I shouldn’t waste the chilli and I still wanted my ham sandwich.  I can’t get enough of them.  We normally don’t buy lunch meat but for some reason when I was pregnant I wanted lunch meat by the end, so that’s what I had right after James was born…a turkey sandwich.  And now the past couple of weeks I’ve been wanting sandwiches for lunch too.  So today it’s just a big lunch!



12:25 – return with lunch and coffee, retrieve pissed off James from Pack n’ Play, watch trash truck come pick up trash out the window, diaper #6, make baby happy again and have him sit in my lap and hang out while I have some lunch, finish Today Show on T.V.  He’s still yawning and I think he is  tired but probably won’t nap on his own until later this afternoon again.


12:45 – Diaper #7, Play in jumper



1:00 – More coffee for mama, play some more in jumper. James even reached out and showed interest in specific toys.  Still need a pillow under his feet though, he is still a bit too short and needs a bit of propping with a blanket too for extra support.

1:10 – James is over it and wants to get out of jumper and have a snack and fall asleep in my lap, email Joe, switch T.V. to Live with Kelly and Micheal, add photos to blog from the morning.

2:10 – Sleepy James into Pack n’ Play where he wakes up mad (again),  start baked beans in crock pot, take Cora outside, get Cora new water/lunch time meds, bring mad James into kitchen to watch me finish putting beans in crock pot (he is a bit happier when he can see me but he would still prefer me to never set him down), microwave more coffee and then clean up over flowed coffee in microwave, Diaper #8, clean up dishes from lunch, beans and pot from last night.



2:35 – finish Live with Kelly and Micheal while James eats and snuggles again

3:05 – James is done eating, Diaper #9 (I did not realize I changed this many diapers each day!) He is clearly getting plenty to eat! James came upstairs with me, we took a couple of toys into the bathroom and he hung out with me while I took my shower.  A lot of the time I just give him bottles and boxes from the bathroom to look at, but I thought toys might be interesting today, especially since he has been wanting to roll over and move more.  Maybe they will coax him to practice! He also likes to stare at the big stripes on our shower curtain and I talk to him while I shower too – which must confuse him since he can’t see me but he can hear me.  He probably thinks I’ve gone invisible! Occasionally I get to shower on my own if I time it while he is asleep and I don’t always shower this late in the day either! James also decided to get into something more comfortable for nap time.


3:45 – Head to James’ room to play for a few minutes and try for a nap.  He got upset when I tried to set him on the floor though so I changed him, Diaper #10, and then he started to cry and cry and cry inconsolably.  That’s not very common for him, only once in awhile, so we tried rocking and eating and distracting and nothing worked.  So I tried some gas drops, stripped him down because he was getting warm from crying, turned on his music box and sat him up and burped and burped him until several big burps came out and that did the trick.  He quieted right down.  He must have had some burps left from eating earlier but then he was laying down in the bathroom on his blanket so they didn’t bug him and when we tried to play I must have adjusted him enough that they moved and upset him in his belly somewhere.  Once he felt better we got him back dressed again and read books in my lap while he nibbled on my fingers and fell asleep.

no picture for this part.. no way was I going to flash my sleeping baby with the camera and wake him up!

4:45 – James happy and asleep for a nap.  Stir beans (they smell OK we will see how they taste tonight or tomorrow), take Cora out for a walk, get mail (only got one thing – a free coffee sample), collect eggs from chickens and wash and put them away, snuggled Cora who really wanted some loving, fed cats, rabbit and Cora their suppers (a bit early but a good time to do it anyways), put dishes away, scooped litter boxes, got a snack and some hot cocoa (I drink way, way too much of the stuff), vacuumed and then cleaned out the vacuum and washed the filters, shoveled the back door although it’s still snowing pretty good so it won’t  stay shoveled for very long and put a couple of books for sale up on Amazon.  James started to squawk around 5 a bit but I left him to see if he would fall back asleep for a little bit because a 15 minute nap hardly counts.



My goal for nap in the afternoon is like 3:30-5:30 or so and a lot of times if I hit it just right he will totally sleep for 2-3 hours and then get up for a couple of hours before bed again and if I don’t hit it right then he won’t hardly nap at all!  I still have trouble with the morning nap. I’ve aimed for 10, 10:30 and 11 and now the past few days I aim for 9:30 because he seems to get tired by then and then get up.  Yesterday he took 3 reasonable naps like 45 minutes or so spread over the day and that worked fine too.  Last weekend he took a random 10:30-2:30 nap so there is no good routine with that yet! I think if he had any choice he would prefer to just fall asleep in my arms all the time and just snuggle and wake up to eat and play and then sleep again whenever he wants and all with me! Sweet little baby!

6:00 – James is awake! A short nap but thats good because bedtime is around 7:30 but he would have been crabby if he had been awake all afternoon straight.  Diaper #11.  We came downstairs to sit and play for a bit before we go back upstairs and play in his room before bath time and bedtime.  Cora played fetch with us for a bit but she picked a squeaky toy to play with and that gets her very riled up so we cut it a bit short because I don’t like her to be super riled around James.  She decided to rip the stuffing out of a half torn up raccoon toy instead.  Oh well!

6:30 – Upstairs to play for a bit, Cora is in her look out spot waiting for Joe. James is not into belly time today and wants nothing to do with it so we played airplane and checked out some rattles and a crackly elephant toy he has.  Diaper #12 🙂

7:00 – Bath time! James sits in his crib while I get his bath warm and cozy and get his wash cloth and towel all set.  Then he gets all naked (last night he got naked floor play time too but he gets cold and then gets mad so usually he is all cozy in clothes instead… summer will come soon hopefully!) and we head off to the bath tub.  So far I have carried him to the tub and back totally naked and have yet to get peed on… probably tomorrow now that I say that though.  After bath it’s time to get all snuggly warm with lotion and a new diaper and a cozy jammy sack on and then we read a book, usually Goodnight Moon for bedtime, and then James eats while we rock and I read my own book quietly and then it’s time for bed! If he is still awake a bit he often gets his mobile to play music for him, otherwise it’s time to say ‘Goodnight I love you, Sleep tight I’ll see you in a few hours!” and head out.  I don’t want to jinx myself but he always goes to bed just fine, ever since his first couple of weeks.  Naps are rough (I kind of think he doesn’t like to sleep when its light out on his own because he knows its daytime and something is going on without him) but bed is like clockwork now.  I’m sure it will change and we will have rough nights again but for now I enjoy that at 7:30 he will go right to bed happy and full and sleep for several hours! When Joe is home with us he will do baths too and play with James before and snuggle him once he gets all cozy and then he keeps us company in James’ room while he eats and then we both say goodnight to him together.




7:45 – I come downstairs, Joe still isn’t home from work yet, Cora is still upstairs in her spot waiting to bark at him when he gets home.  Thankfully James sleeps through this or I would get mad! I checked on my baked beans and added some more seasoning but they taste alright and I think they are getting close to being done.  I’ll see how they taste tomorrow, supposedly better the next day!


8:00 – Took Cora out quick to go to the bathroom because she was antsy, just outside the door though by the chicken coop because I don’t like to go all the way back in the dark if I don’t have to.  Then I shoveled around the back door again and made Cora and I each a piece of peanut butter bread (mine with jelly too) since Joe is still at work and it will be awhile before supper.  And now because its Friday night I plan on doing very little with the rest of my night even though there are plenty of things I could or should be doing (Cora smells stinky and needs a bath and I didn’t workout today like I meant to), but it’s Friday and I’m ready for a break!

I always look forward to Fridays and weekends when Joe is around more because it does get a bit lonely here at home during the week since my main companions are a dog, cats and a baby who doesn’t talk yet, I’m not alone but there is definitely no adult interaction!  Especially with Joe working late nights a lot of the time and even over the weekends lately, I’ve been spending lots of time by myself! I’ll be looking forward to when Joe’s work project is over and the snow lets up so he doesn’t have to work late and plow so much and then in the spring and summer when I can at least get out with the stroller and go for walks! I suppose someday I’ll be wishing for these quiet days when I’ve got a couple of little kids who can talk back to me and/or won’t stop talking… I should enjoy it while I can I guess!

8:30 – Joe comes homes!! 🙂 Like I’ve been mentioning this week, he has had such long days the past few weeks.  We’re very proud of him for working so hard and doing all that he does… we are excited for it to calm down a bit though so we can see him more!

9:15 – We have spaghetti for supper… nothing fancy at all.  This week I’ve been making us food but for the past year or so Joe has been doing like 99% of our cooking for us.  He makes less of a mess in the kitchen than I do and his food comes out way tastier!  I just did it this week because he has been so busy at work! Last Tuesday I went to our only local store that doubles coupons (on Tuesdays) and they happened to have organic pasta sauce on sale 2 for $5 and then I had two $1 off coupons that they doubled so I got 2 jars of organic pasta sauce for $0.50 each.  I like coupons, but I’m never very good at matching sales and coupons, so I was pretty excited about this! I also got pasta for the same 🙂

10:00 – The kitchen is all clean, leftovers are put away, I’ll store some milk for James (I have a ton saved in the freezer for him and he refuses to take a bottle from me! I figure once he starts on some more solids though I’ll be able to use a cup or at least make cereal with it so he keeps getting it for a little bit), and we’re watching some T.V. and having chocolate milk and popcorn. I need to make a grocery list for tomorrow quick and Joe has to take Cora outside one more time before bed.  I’m very glad I do not have to take her out…it’s extremely cold and snowy! This is also the time I’d normally be doing my blog post for the day but today I’ve been doing it steadily whenever I can so I don’t forget anything.  It’s tiring just to keep track of everything like that but I’ll like to look back on it someday, maybe with James when he is older, and see the pictures and how our day was.  In a couple months I will do a normal weekend day post and include Joe more when he is home doing stuff with us.

And that is a relatively normal day here at home now, at least during the week, weekends are different and more relaxed! We try to sleep in if we can and spend more time relaxing and hanging out when we can too (when there is no work, or plowing, or pole barns falling down!), we make a big breakfast a lot of times and lots of normal chores don’t always get done if they aren’t critical.

Tomorrow Joe does have to go to work but James and I are going to drop him off so we can go into town and go to Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply for chicken feed.  I have to formally turn in my resignation too so they can finish processing it and get my last pay all set for me.  Then tomorrow night Joe and I are probably going to go to his bosses house for supper.. James too of course! They want to meet and hold and snuggle James.  I just hope he is a good, happy baby and might consider taking a bottle  from somebody if he gets hungry! Maybe Joe can convince him 🙂


The Day Cora Rolled in Baby Poop and other things

Yesterday was an interesting day around here! In fact, I meant to blog last night but I didn’t get a chance! First, Sunday night Cora got into the bathroom trash so I already had a mess to clean up upstairs but then sometime Monday morning she got into the kitchen trash.. not once, but twice.  Twice because I found it the first time and I was not feeling very well so I went back to bed and then had to go right to a well baby checkup once I got up and ready and while we were gone she got into the same trash and made an even bigger mess.  Unfortunately for us, there were baby diapers in the trash and Cora managed to roll in them and smear baby poop into her fur where it dried and caked onto her.  Perfect!  I wasn’t able to give her a bath yesterday but right away this morning she had a bath before even I showered! Cora also managed to get into the litter box too (you can see it in the doorway to the laundry room)… so she had a very productive couple of days and I’m assuming she was pretty pleased with herself.


As I mentioned above, we had to go to a well baby checkup for James since he is 2 weeks old this week (tomorrow).  He is now 10lb 5oz and he got a little longer and his head got a little bit bigger and the doctor gave him a full stamp of approval and said he was just perfect!

IMG_00000213Here we are waiting for the doctor! He was being a very good boy… we’re pretty sure he likes being naked and it’s too bad it’s so cold out so he has to wear clothes.  The doctor’s office rooms are very warm so he was totally happy!

Yesterday we also lost one of our finches.  He hasn’t been feeling that good for awhile and we don’t really know how old he was, so maybe he was just getting old, but when I went to clean their cage and change their food/water I found him dead in their water dish.  I’m not sure if he fell in and drown, or if he died and then fell in.  I prefer to think he died and then fell in because I hate to think he suffered! Either way we have one lone finch now and I feel bad for her!

In other news, I don’t know if I ever mentioned that we got a new roof but we did a couple of weeks before the baby was born.  Cora was not a happy camper while it was happening but we had to do it! The guys did a good job and it only took them a few days to do… and just in time for the first snows to fall!  We have several inches on the ground now, we’ll see if they last or not.

My mom was up to visit over the weekend and it was her birthday so we had some cake and Joe made lasagna from scratch… including the sauce and the noodles, everything was homemade and he worked very hard on it! It turned out very tasty and we had enough that we are having some for supper tonight and we have one frozen for sometime in the future! I did not get a picture of the lasagna but I did get a picture of the pizza Joe made us on Sunday night… it had a milk based sauce and then it was topped with sausage, leek, fennel, mozzarella and some crushed red pepper and the crust was, of course, homemade too! It was very tasty! We had those leftovers for lunch yesterday before our doctor appointment.

pizzaToday James must not be feeling too good and/or I messed up his schedule because he was up for most of 6 hours straight and he was not a happy camper either fussing or hungry or diapers or crying and he didn’t want to play too much or sleep for long.  Finally at 4 this afternoon I got him to take a nap and he is still fast asleep now at 6:30.  I did have caffeine yesterday and we are trying to decide if caffeine bugs him or not… it seems like it does, but this time it was like 24 hours later so that seems unlikely.  I did wake him up a bit early this morning at like 2:15 to eat too… I thought he was waking up and that it was already more than 4 hours since he had eaten, but when I went into his room he was still fast asleep and I think I misjudged my time and should have left him sleeping… so that may have screwed him up today too! We’ll see… hopefully he feels better and has a better schedule tomorrow!


Merry Christmas Finches and Rabbit!

The little birds and the bunny got their Christmas presents today.  I ordered the finches a little nest, thinking they might like a little spot to hide and explore.  So far they could care less, but I tried 🙂  The rabbit got a new hanging toy for his cage.  He explored it at first, but after that I don’t think he cared too much.  So much for cool Christmas gifts for these guys this year!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100