Easter 2014

Happy Easter!

We had a pretty good day around here today! It was nice, sunny and about 55 degrees.  We did have to get up a bit early (somebody in the family doesn’t appreciate the value of sleeping in yet…) but the Easter bunny came, everybody got special presents, we had a good breakfast, a walk outside, watched a Formula 1 race on T.V. and then had some tasty supper with the windows and front door open!  Now James is in bed for the evening, Cora is next to me, Joe is on the phone with his family (I already talked to mine) and two of the three cats are on the table by my computer where they aren’t supposed to be.  I am not sure where the third is… hopefully I didn’t lock her in the baby’s room.  She is sneaky and likes to sleep in his chair 🙂  I have a ton of photos from today so instead of blasting everybody with an incredibly long post, I combined a bunch of photos into larger photos!

??????????????????????????????????????????????The Easter bunny left everybody fun presents!

EasterJames1James was pretty excited about his first Easter! SO excited that he got up around 6am and was ready to go!

JamesEaster2James enjoying his Easter gifts!  He got a new train toy, a nubby teether and a big jug of bubble bath!  I love his face in the top left photo “Wow! Just what I always wanted! A big jug just like this!” Ha. He looks so happy and has no idea what that is.  And the picture below that he is thinking “Man dad you are SO slow, hurry up and get my train out of the box already!”

EasterCatsThe cats got some tasty treats.

EasterDogCora got 3 little tennis balls…she loves the little ones and she has broken two in the past week so she needed some more for sure.  Plus a bunch of cookies!  Joe and I got Easter candy in our bags.  I should probably leave a note for the Easter Bunny letting him know he should bring us fruit or something like that next year instead!  The rabbit, bird and chickens didn’t totally get gifts but the bird did get a different toy in her cage and the rabbit got a handful of tortilla chips which he loves!

EasterOctopusHatI might have gone overboard on this one… but I couldn’t pick just one or two, so I picked all 8 of them!  I bought this hat for James over a year ago.  I was pregnant but we had no idea if he was a boy or girl and now that it is spring and he doesn’t need a winter hat, but could use a sun hat, this hat is perfect! I dug it out this morning and he was modeling it for Joe when we came downstairs.  How cute is that baby playing with his daddy? Very cute I say!


This afternoon we took a walk.  James started off with a hat, jacket and socks on and ended up losing all three for awhile but then his feet got chilly so I tucked his socks back on.  He was totally ready for a nap and was a bit fussy for our walk but we made it!



And we ended our day with a sun-dried tomato, basil, sausage pasta that Joe made us! It was very good!

Now I am finishing up some laundry, we are watching a couple shows on our DVR because we have an appointment with a cable technician tomorrow (I have 3 pages of errors from our cable box since February 22 when I finally started keeping track) because we are finally tired of our crappy service…but if they change our box out we will lose the shows we have saved.  I’m also attempting to fix my blog because I hear my new design isn’t amazing! 🙂 Hopefully it looks better by the time anybody is reading this post!  And I hope everybody had a good Easter!