Tuesday Night Boat Ride

Tonight Joe and I went on a boat ride with his boss, boss’s daughter and a client who was in town for a couple of days.  This was only the second time that I have been out on a boat on the Portage even though I have lived here for about 10 years now!

We went out to the Portage’s North entry first and happened to catch the Keweenaw Star coming in.  The Star used to permanently dock in Houghton and gave regular tours around the area but then a couple of years ago they changed their headquarters to downstate so we were all surprised to see her back again. We aren’t sure if it is permanent or just an occasional cruise or two.  The first time I went on the Portage was on that boat, with Joe, on one of her last cruises before she left.

It was a beautiful evening for a ride, and we got to go under the bridge twice.

Here is the old Quincy Smelter from the water side.  They are giving tours this weekend and I am tempted to go to one!

After going up to the north entry we drove to a spot called Dreamland for supper.  The restaurant has it’s own dock for boaters to park and right nearby there was this huge tree with three beautiful eagles just sitting there for us to look at! Can you see them all? There are two adults with their white heads one right in front of the nest and the other a couple branches down, and then a youngster just to the right of the nest.  How neat to see that! Joe and I saw a bald Eagle the last time we were out on the canal too… such nice birds!

After supper we headed back out on the boat and took a drive to the south entry.  The north entry was as smooth as glass and foggy while the south entry was choppier and windier and I wasn’t nearly as thrilled to go out into Lake Superior! Thankfully we were only out there for a little bit before we came back into the calmer Portage waters 🙂 I don’t think I am adventurous enough for the big lake! By that point  it was getting pretty chilly and starting to get close to dusk so we headed back to Hancock, where Joe’s boss and his daughter dropped us and their client off by our cars before they headed back to Chassell themselves.  The whole night was really fun and it was such a special treat for a random Tuesday since I just happened to be off from work and could go with them!


Bridge Season

It’s bridge season again and I got stuck this morning on my way to the gym.  Luckily I wasn’t late and on my way to work so I had all the time in the world to wait for the boat to go through! I like the bridge a lot but on work days when I am just on time with no time to spare the bridge isn’t always my friend!

Next week I hear they are doing a bunch of work on the bridge so there will be traffic delays.  Hopefully I remember to leave early, otherwise I will be late!

Run to Hancock

Last Saturday I got up pretty early and as soon as it was light out I headed out to go running to Hancock.  Joe did this run a bunch when he was training for his half-Ironman over the summer and I’m sure he will do it a ton more once he begins really training for the full Ironman that is coming up next fall.  Before this run I had only run that far one other time and that morning was a lot cooler and easier to run so I didn’t mind not having water as much… this time I was dying and I thought for sure the beach in Hancock would have a water fountain but they didn’t!  I got there and was ready for a drink and there was nothing!  So I only sort of half ran, half walked myself home because I was so thirsty and it was getting so hot out. Next time I will have to figure out a route with water or take some money with me to stop at the gas station.  I don’t know how Joe did it all summer when it was broiling hot out!

The sun just peaking out of the trees towards the house.  It wasn’t really all that early in the morning, around 8am at this point and it is just beginning to get light out.

So on my way home I heard the bridge honk and I thought it might go up and that I could watch a boat go under, so I stopped and got my phone out and ready for pictures… but it never did go up so I just got some normal pictures of the bridge on a nice day instead 🙂

Our nice bridge…. the bridge and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love the bridge, it’s so neat and unique and I like watching it go up when I can catch it with a boat going through.  I don’t like the bridge when I am on my way to work at 9 am and it goes up and I get stuck in the longest line of cars ever and it makes me late.  I do love the bridge when its quiet or if Joe is driving and I can look around at it more.  I don’t like the bridge because it houses pigeons and I like pigeons and feel bad when they get run over.  I don’t love the crazy people who don’t know how to drive the bridge route and hold up the rest of us with their dumbness and I recently heard on the radio that it is going to get repairs this fall or early spring…so we’ll see what sort of love/hate feelings we have then if traffic is slowed down going over it!

A view of downtown Houghton from the other side of the water in Ripley.  I can’t even tell you how much I wanted to drink some water from the Portage! But I was worried it might make me sick for the rest of the day and I didn’t want that.  I’m guessing it is pretty safe for just a drink but I didn’t test that out… I walked the 3 miles home from the bridge thinking the whole time about how annoying it is that the beach had no water fountain! 🙂