Reusable Snack and Sandwich ‘Bags’

Joe and I are really pretty good about taking our lunches to work with us. Some weeks we manage all the days and some weeks we only take things 3-4 days but overall we’re really good about taking food with us so we don’t go out to eat.  We’re even pretty good about reusing tupperwares, I have a cooler lunch bag that I use and Joe reuses plastic shopping bags to take his lunch to work.  The only thing we don’t reuse is the baggies and wrappers for things like chips, sandwiches, crackers etc. and recently they have become more popular online (I’ve seen them on a handful of blogs now) so today I decided to make my own!

My sandwich cozy. Click over to the link for a full tutorial… I won’t even try to post one here since it was her idea and she posted a great tutorial already! I did have a messy one my first try, so this one is technically my second cozy and it worked so much better!

My sandwich all wrapped up and ready to go.  Of course this won’t work for really wet sandwiches but this was just turkey/cheese/lettuce/mayo and it works out fine!

A small snack bag, perfect for tortilla chips, crackers, fruit (grapes etc.), or ginger snaps! Again click over to the link if you’re interested since she has a great tutorial already!

I only made one of each thing today but I think I will make a few more so we would have enough for an entire week and then I can wash them all together.  I should also probably make something a little manlier because I don’t think Joe would like a flowery fabric covered sandwich for lunch!  I might try making some different sized baggies too, that might be nice but we’ll see.


The First Two Things

If you walked into our house tonight the first two things you’d see (besides muddy paw prints on the floor and supper dishes in the sink) are a billion animals, and a ton of craft stuff sprawled all over the house.  Our house looks well lived in this evening!

On this side of the dining room we have two exploded totes of basket weaving supplies a pile of fabric and the beginnings of a quilt, two looms which are unused right now, and a big, red, old dog hiding by the sofa 🙂

The other side of the dining room has my sewing machine and some basket weaving stuff that I was using this evening.  Plus, Joe’s finished weavings are folded on the corner of the table.

Joe’s faceting machine is in the living room right now with all of it’s supplies plus a whole variety of weaving and faceting books are piled all over the place.  Plus, one sleeping cat who is snuggled up on top of the couch.

Cora supervises a lot.  She just finished having a peanut butter snack and was just about to scratch her head when I took her picture.

The laundry room is full of laundry this evening and one cat who was getting a snack.

More exploded totes of basket weaving supplies are upstairs now.  The cats are upset because they like to sleep on top of the totes and they can’t right now.

And finally, because I had taken photos of everyone else, I searched and searched and found this one in the closet sleeping on my sock pile.  Don’t ask me why she was up here… maybe for some peace and quiet.  She normally doesn’t sleep in the socks, at least that I know of!

Fabric, Buttons and Chicken Entertainment

Yesterday I finished cutting a whole variety of fabric… now I just have to get my sewing machine out, buy some new needles, and get to work making something pretty.  Probably won’t happen this week, but maybe Friday or over the weekend 🙂  I also started a button jar! My grandma used to have a button bag that was always fun to look through and as I was cutting fabric I was nipping off the buttons to save so then I needed a place to keep them.  I thought about sewing a little button bag, but a button jar was so much easier!  Unfortunately it looks so empty and I’ll need to find myself some more buttons!

Smaller pieces are spread out so you can see all the different fabrics I cut.  The larger pieces are just stacked in the back.  The top two are pieces from a dish towel that I bought but it didn’t end up soaking up much water.  I don’t know what I will turn two chicken blocks in to but I will make something up! The squirt bottle is for a naughty puppy when she jumps or  chases cats I spritz her.  She doesn’t really care unless you get her nose or something, but it makes me feel like I’m teaching her to leave the cats alone.

My almost-empty button jar that looks a little sad.  Now I will actually have to save  extra buttons when they come with my clothes (they tend to get lost or thrown away etc.) At least there is a lot of room to grow before I need a bigger jar!

I was heading into the pantry this morning and when I do that I always glance out to peak at the chickens to make sure they are alright… and this morning I found them all gazing out of the fence in a line.  I immediately thought there was some weird person in the bushes or a cat or something… it took me a minute or two of staring out the window to realize the girls were gazing at a Mama deer and her fawn who were grazing in our field.  Such curious chickens! My camera flashing from the window distracted a few of them… but they sat there for ages just watching the deer.  I never knew they would be so interested!

I tried to get a photo of the deer but you can obviously see it didn’t work too well! They do blend in pretty well.  Technically you can see one of them… there is a brown blurry patch in the right center of the photo, underneath the light reflection off the neighbors pole barn.  See if you can find her! I saw at least two, but we often get deer in our field so maybe there were even more.  Mama was showing her baby what to do… “These nice people are going to plant a garden in a few months, and they don’t have a fence, so if we get separated come back here and eat because there will be plenty of free, tasty food and their dogs hardly ever chase you”