Activities of the Day

James and I were very busy today!  We got up early and took Joe to work, then took our friend Eleanor out and did our grocery shopping, then we took Eleanor home and ran back to town to drop off some FedEx, return our milk share jars (we’ve canceled our share for now, I like raw milk but it was too difficult for us to pick it up on time each week!), go to the bank, the regular grocery store for a few last things and then an indoor play place for some fun with other little kids!

Today James met several babies around his age between 8 and 14 months and then several older kids too.  All the kids were super fun except one little (older) boy was having a rough day and he grabbed James’ arm and pushed him/knocked him down and away from a toy he wanted.  James didn’t actually know anything was wrong and he was fine but the little boy’s mom saw him and yelled at him and made him apologize.  He finally did but she made him hug James and I didn’t like that. He didn’t want to hug James and I didn’t really want a random kid hugging James either (unless when James is older, he wants to hug!).  I won’t force James to hug or touch anybody else and I have to figure out how to thank another mom for apologizing while still telling her a hug is not necessary.  I think it’s very weird.  I’d rather teach James that his body is his and to respect his own personal space and do what he feels comfortable with… not that he is going to be forced to touch strangers! Also, his mom apologized to me but note… she did NOT come over to me and hug me.  I don’t understand why parents do that!

To be fair, she and her son were having a rough day! She had a tiny, baby girl with her too so I think the boy must have been adjusting to having a little sister and mom mentioned that he woke both her and the baby up at 2am and that he had been acting out all morning… so I think it was just a rough day and she was embarrassed her son knocked down another kid etc. and trying to deal with her hungry baby and crazy preschooler… and really, James had no idea what was going on! He would have gotten right back up and went back to the toy! So there was no harm done whatsoever! And… kind of funny, the poor little boy walked around for awhile after that muttering ‘Mom says not to knock down babies!’ under his breath. I almost laughed at him but I don’t think that would have been very nice!

On the way home from playing James and I stopped by McDonalds to get free a yogurt parfait and free french fries that we got from those Monopoly pieces they put on stuff (from when we take Eleanor out and she doesn’t care to use them). So that was a fun part of lunch.  James had a lot of food today! He must be growing because his appetite just sky rocketed the past couple of days.  He also tried pomegranate arils for the first time today! I don’t like them myself but he ate a few of them and seemed ok, we’ll try some more tomorrow!



Counter full of stuff to do this afternoon


First aid kit


Coconut oil cubes

Then this afternoon James and I made coconut oil cubes to use for cooking (instead of hacking at the jar to get some out) and I made coconut oil homemade deodorant (which is supposedly awesome) but after our showers I use some and it burnt my skin a bit so I’m not sure if I’ll be using that up or not.  Then we collected all of our first aid stuff and combined it into a 94 cents tupperware I picked up today so when, inevitably, James needs a bandaid all of our supplies are together and I can find them. And finally, we cleaned out our tupperware.  I picked up a few new pieces today and then matched the rest lid to base and threw away anything without matches (thankfully there was only a couple pieces!) and organized it… even though I’m sure James will be reorganizing to his liking soon!


James refused his afternoon nap but then fell asleep in his high chair while he was eating a blueberry waffle with cream cheese and pomegranate arils.  I let him sleep for a few minutes so he would make it up to normal bedtime!  James was wearing his Halloween costume this afternoon because after our shower I held up two shirts and asked what he wanted to wear and he went over and yanked his costume out of his drawer and danced around with it.  So, he wore his costume!

After I woke James up we ran to get Joe from work and then took Cora out in the rain.  James got to walk around and there is a huge puddle in our backyard that we let him stomp back and forth in.  He did really well until I sad ‘just one more time!’ and then he turned around and face planted into the puddle. So his puffy costume soaked up loads of water from his neck down to his toes and it was cold and he was covered in dirt and started to cry.  So quickly puddle jumping got less fun! We hurried him inside though and got him all dry and snuggled up and back to normal quick. 🙂


Vacuum Sealer

Joe has been wanting a food vacuum sealer for a really long time and today he finally got one!  It’s actually pretty neat and we can probably make some good use out of it.  Not only can we reseal food bags, things like chip bags etc.  We can also buy containers and attachments that let us vacuum seal things like casserole dishes or ball jars or jars for flour and sugar.  Plus the normal vacuum seal bags and plastic wrap which the machine came with for us to use already.  I’m wondering if we get the hang of it if I could make double of some meals and then vacuum seal them to eat later… if it works they would save for a lot longer in the freezer!


Here is Joe trying it out on some venison loin, which I will share for tomorrow’s post.

Milk Jug Cap

I got the neatest thing today.  I didn’t know they made them, or I would have gotten one way, way sooner! A cap for my raw, milk jugs!  The jugs are just large half-gallon sized mason jars and they are difficult to pour without spilling.  Today when I went to go pick up my milk they were offering caps for them so I bought one and it’s well worth it!  So much nicer!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

It cost me $7 but the proceeds are going to a play ground development project in Copper Harbor so I can handle that.  Totally worth it!