Beer-Cheese Soup

Nothing is better than soup when it gets cold out!  I made chicken-noodle soup last night and beer-cheese soup tonight.  I worked late tonight so I didn’t follow any elaborate recipe or even measure anything.  Roughly I combined maybe a cup or two of beef broth, 2/3 of a bottle of beer, 1/2 bag of frozen cauliflower and maybe a cup of frozen mixed veggies. I cooked that until everything was hot and then I added about a cup of milk and 1 whole brick (cut into cubes) of the Wal-Mart brand Velveeta ($3.00 instead of like $5.00 for the brand name… I thought I would try it, and I couldn’t tell the difference although it is rare that we eat Velveeta so maybe other people can tell) and stirred and cooked until the cheese was melted and everything was hot and it seemed like soup to me.  We had it with fresh bakery bread and chocolate milk!

I love beer cheese soup although maybe it’s because I was born in Wisconsin. 🙂  I think next time I will add ground beef to it too and see how that tastes since my version tonight was meatless.


Tomato Sauce Results and Chipolte Beer Brewing

After I made tomato sauce yesterday, Joe took over the kitchen to make a new batch of beer.  This time it is spiced with peppers and has a kick to it.  He also got to try out his new brewing pot.  This thing makes life a lot easier because it has pipes running through it that he can hook up to the cold water to cool the beer down more quickly and it also has a spigot to help him drain it into the glass jug where it will ferment for a couple of months.

Once the beer was safely settled in its dark, quiet spot, I took the kitchen back to make us some quick supper.  I cooked up some onions and mushrooms in a little bit of butter and wine and then I added that to about 1/3 of my sauce (the rest was freezing in the freezer already).  I heated up the mix and then poured it over some chicken breasts in a casserole dish.  Baked them for maybe 40 minutes or so, until the chicken was the right temperature and then I melted some mozzarella on top in the last couple of minutes.  I originally made egg noodles, but when I tasted one I just about died, so I gave them to the chickens and made some normal noodles.  Not sure if I boiled them wrong somehow, or if the brand is just a bit strange… they tasted like chalk (although the chickens loved them right up this morning).

Overall it wasn’t too bad, I could have boiled it down a bit more because it was a little too watery still but it tasted perfectly fine, if not maybe a smidge too sweet but otherwise nothing was wrong with it at all.

So far today has consisted of taking Buddy outside, waking up the chickens, watching some TV and having biscuits and homemade gravy for breakfast.  I’m baking blueberry muffins (with the last of my summer blueberries that I had frozen in July) now to take to my elderly friend, Eleanor and Joe is going to head into town at some point to run some errands.  Later I’m going to try making pot roast in the oven instead of the crockpot and we’ll probably have a relaxing evening here with Buddy and the cats watching cooking shows.   Just a normal sort of Sunday around here 🙂

Beer Anyone?

Joe came home with some new additions for our kitchen… a super cool beer sign (except we don’t have chalk for it just yet) and a super cool beer refrigerator thing that keeps a mini-keg cold and taps it and it has a light in it too.  Looks like we have beer for everyone here! Oh… and he got some new beer glasses that live in a new home with new wine glasses from Joe’s family… no more alcohol in orange juice glasses for us!