Our Weekly Activities and Kitchen Floor Update

This week our main ‘activity’ was being sick! James had an off and on high fever that we ended up taking him to the doctor for, I was still sick… better and then worse (today is definitely better) and Joe finally caught it and now he is in the worst of it. Hopefully soon we all start feeling better, yuck!

We did do some fun things this week, just not everything we had planned and not everything that didn’t happen was because we were sick either.  I had one super fun activity I wanted to make but it required pretty thick dowel rods and when I went to the hardware store I discovered that a single 3ft 1.25 inch dowel rod cost over $20. And I would have needed at least two… so that activity wasn’t going to happen!

Here are some photos of what we did do!

James and I put tape shaped on the floor and then I made paper shapes to match them so we could work on shapes and colours.  Mostly he wanted to just throw the shapes all over so the activity I had in mind was a fail… I guess he is too young.  What did work was hopping from shape to shape shouting ‘Circle!’, ‘Triangle!’ etc. and he had fun doing that instead! So in the end it worked out!


The same time I was making shapes and trying to interest him in my activity he was pulling these wooden beads out of the activity drawer and asking to thread them so we did that too.  He needs a little bit of help yet but does pretty good and is more interested in it than I would have thought he would be! The activity drawer he pulled them out of isn’t actually his to go in either.  It is more of my drawer to keep things we have planned or bits and pieces of activities but he knows how to open it and reach blindly up over his head and grab fun stuff.


That same day (this was Monday and we were both feeling pretty good that day) we practiced our stick-out-our-tongue selfie technique.  I probably have about 30 photos of James and his tongue.  As a bonus he had a cute shirt on and was also wearing pants! I had gone to the consignment store over the weekend and picked up 9 or 10 shirts for him (most for the summer and a couple for fall), along with one more pair of pants.  It ended up being about $28 but I had $17 in my account from consigning so in the end it was a pretty nice/cheap shopping trip!



I think this might have been the same day too… I guess we had a really productive Monday.  We took James’ bug/treasure catcher outside to hunt for treasure.  We came inside with several rocks, some sticks, a pine cone, some kind of animal bone and half of a practice golf ball.  Quite the collection. I hate to throw it away but I really don’t want him to play with some weird animal bone all over the house so we sort of ‘forgot’ about the treasure box for a few days and now I can probably safely get rid of them!




And it was time to get out the slide! He totally ‘gets’ sliding now so he had a lot of fun! He has been waiting to get this out for so long. It was next to one of our buildings in the snow so it got mostly buried but he could still see the top of it sticking out and kept asking to get it out but I couldn’t because it was snowed in.

20150406_165120-001 20150406_165130

This is from Wednesday! Monday and Tuesday James seemed a lot better but Wednesday just nailed him. We dropped Joe off at work in the morning and by the time we came home James needed a nap already (after being up about an hour and a half). Then after he woke up we ran to town and did a couple of errands where he tried to fall back asleep while he was in the Wal-Mart cart and then did fall asleep in the car as soon as he got settled into his seat and before we got out of the parking lot!  Then a couple of hours after we got home he took another 2 hour nap! He was just not feeling very good and I ended up taking him to the clinic that night to get checked out and then to our own doctor the following day for a followup where he ended up with some antibiotics for an ear infection that he got from having a nasty cold/virus.


By Friday James was starting to feel better again.  In the couple hours before bedtime he managed to figure out how to turn the tub water on and lift the shower tab so he doused himself in cold water, climb into the litter box 4 times, eat some crayons, take out every toy imaginable plus empty several cupboards, empty the dogs food bowl handful by handful for her to eat, then figure out how to open and lift the 14lb jug of cat litter to pour it into the dog bowls.  He also helped me with some laundry. I emptied the dryer into a laundry basket and then was switching clean clothes from the washer to the dryer. I thought he was right behind me just hanging out and in reality he was taking the clean towels from the laundry basket and putting them into the toilet to soak up all the water.  He was definitely feeling better! 🙂


Joe did a ton of work on our floor this week too so James took advantage of that and helped dad do some remodel work!

20150411_175648 20150411_175655 20150411_175704

This next photo is not an activity but I thought it was cute.  Everybody loves this chair and apparently Cora and Ocean are friendly enough to sleep like this now. Ocean used to sleep on Buddy and it has taken 5 years but I think Cora has finally mellowed enough for Ocean to sleep on her too!


These next photos are from today! It was gorgeous outside! James and I are not better but are getting close.  Joe is definitely still pretty sick but he still did a bunch of work on the floor (I didn’t do a single thing on this project unless you count I took James to get supper yesterday while Joe was finishing up some nailing work!) and now we no longer have a gap or uneven floor between our rooms!

20150412_093839 20150412_104956

It isn’t quite finished yet because we need to get some sort of trim for the front but it is mostly done! It looks uneven on the front because it is uneven on the front.  We had to match the two floors and since our house is very old our floors are not remotely even or level! I think the kitchen is close than the living room, the living room is visibly uneven, so Joe leveled the step with the kitchen floor and then made it meet wherever it had to in the living room. Someday we will probably need to redo the floors and then Joe can probably do some work with the jacks in the basement to even out the flooring then.

20150412_165759 20150412_165819

SO much nicer! No gap, no rugs covering the gap, no holes in the floor, and it actually extended the kitchen floor about 20 inches… all of which are making the rooms seem larger and different than they were just a few days ago!



Happy Anniversary House!

Yesterday was our house anniversary! I actually totally forgot too except Joe’s uncle reminded us (Thank you!). I think I’ve remembered most other years but my blog has been mostly taken over by James now and I just didn’t remember yesterday.  We are all also pretty sick right now so that didn’t help either.

We’ve officially lived in our house for 6 years now! We went from a dog and a cat to 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 birds and almost 80 chickens for awhile and now back down to one dog, 3 cats, a bird, a rabbit, no chickens and a baby!  We’ve taken down walls, rearranged rooms, added a new roof, a new septic system, and made slight progress on our property by filling in an old well and taking down one of many old buildings.  We also had half of our pole barn collapse and our other barn is also caving in.  We have tried gardening and have installed all the posts for a horse fence.  Our mail box has been officially hit 3 times now and we finally got somebody to plow our snow this winter which made winter a little bit more bearable, especially for Joe who was the one snowblowing for hours every week!

Right now we are still working on our living room remodel project.  I don’t have much in the way of pictures of our house but I did take one of the floor now.  Joe worked on it last weekend and during the week to start covering and fixing the gap in the floor.  Our kitchen floor will extend over the gap and then there will be a tiny step down into the living room. Since none of our floors are even or level Joe had to make the new part uneven too so it would actually be even with the current floors! So far it is working nice and we just need a bit more wood to match the final floor level and then some trim to finish it off…We have a ton of extra matching kitchen floor tiles which we will use then to make it look nice!


No Cable, No Microwave

You might think we’ve living in the Dark Ages around here.  We are going on almost two weeks without cable and about 6 weeks without a microwave and so far we are enjoying it!

The microwave was useful, we used it to reheat food or make cocoa or oatmeal or microwave popcorn, but it was taking up a lot of space on our counter and we knew we could go without it so one day we got rid of it! It’s actually sitting on the floor in our mudroom because at first it was a trial run. We didn’t want to part ways unless we really meant it, but now after almost 2 months I think we can safely say we’re fine and don’t miss it.  I make oatmeal on the stove just like I will make cocoa during the winter, we melt butter on the stove if we need to, and we heat stuff up in pans or in the oven. No big deal! We even learned how to make popcorn on the stove in a pan.


Our counter where the microwave was.  The cutting boards and knives were always in the same general spot, but now we have space over here for our mixer, blender and kitchen scale… our most used appliances.  After our remodel we had to keep these appliances in the pantry and get them out as needed (we lost power for now over on the other counter where they were located before) but now with the loss of the microwave these nicer appliances can come out to stay again.

We also just cut our cable.  A lot of people have been doing this for awhile now, we just hopped on the bandwagon after almost a year of talking about it.  We can get pretty much any show we want streaming from the internet.  We purchased a second Roku (our original is in the basement in Joe’s shop) for about $90 and signed up for Hulu Plus ($8/month vs. almost $100 for cable).  We are already members of Amazon Prime ($100/year I believe) and can get a lot of free T.V. shows through that subscription as well.  Most shows show up on Hulu Plus the day after they air, other shows we can buy whole seasons on Amazon and many seasons of shows are entirely free with Prime.

We lost Disney Junior which was handy with James but have been discovering a lot of other free cartoons and shows like Sesame Street that are just as good!  I’ve found I turn the T.V. on less now this way which is an added bonus. Instead of having it on just for background noise we keep it off or listen to music.  We also have a satellite radio subscription for the car and the internet and I can play it through the T.V. with the Roku. Then we just turn it on when we want to watch a specific show or if I want to try to entertain James while I do something in the kitchen I find a cartoon for him to watch (if he wants to watch…sometimes he ignores it anyways!)