The First Two Things

If you walked into our house tonight the first two things you’d see (besides muddy paw prints on the floor and supper dishes in the sink) are a billion animals, and a ton of craft stuff sprawled all over the house.  Our house looks well lived in this evening!

On this side of the dining room we have two exploded totes of basket weaving supplies a pile of fabric and the beginnings of a quilt, two looms which are unused right now, and a big, red, old dog hiding by the sofa 🙂

The other side of the dining room has my sewing machine and some basket weaving stuff that I was using this evening.  Plus, Joe’s finished weavings are folded on the corner of the table.

Joe’s faceting machine is in the living room right now with all of it’s supplies plus a whole variety of weaving and faceting books are piled all over the place.  Plus, one sleeping cat who is snuggled up on top of the couch.

Cora supervises a lot.  She just finished having a peanut butter snack and was just about to scratch her head when I took her picture.

The laundry room is full of laundry this evening and one cat who was getting a snack.

More exploded totes of basket weaving supplies are upstairs now.  The cats are upset because they like to sleep on top of the totes and they can’t right now.

And finally, because I had taken photos of everyone else, I searched and searched and found this one in the closet sleeping on my sock pile.  Don’t ask me why she was up here… maybe for some peace and quiet.  She normally doesn’t sleep in the socks, at least that I know of!


Easter Bunny Basket

The other day one of the ladies at work was asking about an Easter bunny Easter basket because her son has one but her daughter doesn’t.  So I decided to use some of what I had, and I had to get a few more little things too (like some felt and some googly eyes and some basket filling) and see what I could do.  Not sure if they will like it or not, but if not then I will find another little girl who could use it instead.  It was fun to make anyways!

The base of my basket.  Cora was so annoying while I was weaving! She hasn’t seen me weave (she has but doesn’t remember because it was months and months ago) and she had no idea what I was doing so she decided to whine the entire time!

A finished basket and the behind of a cat who just came to help me finish up.

Then I got out the paint, ribbon, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and my new hot glue gun I got a few days ago! I now have a hot glue burn blister on my thumb… I can’t even tell you how many times I stuck one of my fingers right into the darn glue.  And man does it get hot! Apparently I need a hot-glue 101 class or something 🙂 After the millionth time I learned to be more careful!

The face is made out of flower arrangement foam, felt, a puff, google eyes, pipe cleaners, pink fabric and a lot of hot glue.  The ears and whiskers are movable.  I hot-glued him to the basket.  Hopefully it stands up to a toddler.

The ribbon around the edge and handle is hot-glued as well, and the bows too.  The little white bunnies I painted and then glued them to the sides of the basket.

The bunny tail is made out of cardboard, felt and a ton of pipe cleaners that I folded and glued.  I tried to make one out of felt and foam like the face but it didn’t look so hot… not even good enough to fool a little kid 🙂 SO I made a way better one instead.  I like it anyways. And then the inside is filled with pink and green Easter stringy paper stuff.

Joe also started a crafty project today on our smaller loom.  He is still getting it all set up to weave still but I will take pictures once he starts going! Other than that nothing is new or different here… we didn’t make it to the SDC because Joe isn’t feeling too well and we’re hoping he isn’t getting the flu again. The dogs and cats and chickens are all fine and the bunnies are great as well.

Homemade Christmas Presents

Now that Christmas is over I thought I would share pictures of all the things I made for Christmas this year since I couldn’t put pictures of them up beforehand…

A basket for my mom


A picture frame for Joe’s mom

Scarves for both of our moms

A blanket for Joe’s brother Sam

A rug for Joe’s grandparents’

A couch blanket for my dad

A couch blanket for Joe’s dad

Scarves for the family who took care of our animals while we were gone

A scarf for my friend Eleanor

Cat toys for our cat friends

I did mean to make Joe a couch blanket too but I didn’t get a chance to finish it before Christmas and he got a bunch of other gifts too, so I am going to finish his blanket for a random January gift instead 🙂