A Day in the Life 2015

I (mostly) kept track of our activities yesterday for our yearly day in the life post… I started forgetting to write down times and details by the afternoon but it is still pretty close. I always put links to the previous years if anyone is interested. 2013 I was pregnant and not feeling good for most of the spring so I did not do one, although I should have done one later!

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6:30am – James got up early! His normal wake up time is between 7 and 8 (usually closer to 8) but today he decided to get an early start!

7:00am – We made it downstairs after I tried to convince him he wanted to stay in bed, and failed.


7:15am – James had already played with his blocks, cars and started in on a snack.  In this photo he was playing with Cora’s collar.  Ocean also gets up early and starts demanding breakfast as soon as anybody comes downstairs.  I also snuck out to take Cora outside to go to the bathroom.  Usually Joe takes Cora in the mornings now…for awhile I did most of the weekend mornings but now even most weekend days he takes Cora out in the mornings!

IMG_1138 IMG_1139 IMG_1140 IMG_1142 IMG_1143 IMG_1144

7:25am – Joe came downstairs.  He didn’t really get to sleep in because James is pretty loud in the morning now when he wakes up (and most of the time…).  I finally fed everybody and got some oatmeal cup muffins in the oven.

IMG_1145 IMG_1146

8:00am – I decided to try and workout because I’m trying a free trial website for 30 days and they have free streaming workouts so I went to the mudroom to work out while breakfast cooked and James played by Joe in the living room. Right away in the morning seems to be the best time since James is usually in a good mood then and is more willing to play near me and watch cartoons for a little bit. Joe and James played with cars and read some nice Bob the Builder books.

IMG_1148 IMG_1150

8:50 – We had some oatmeal/apple muffin cup things for breakfast (they weren’t amazing). And then Joe went down to the Husqvarna store to see about renting a power broom for the front yard.  They were all out for the weekend so he reserved one for next Saturday.


9:15am – After breakfast Joe did his weekend meal plan and grocery list (Joe cooks supper Saturday, Sunday and Monday and then I do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), I finished up chores like breakfast dishes and the litter box etc. and James played in his play tents.

IMG_1152 IMG_11549:45am – We all headed outside to do some work.  James and I took down another section of the chicken coop and hauled some brush back to the burn pile (my ravine is filling up) and then James helped Joe haul some cinderblocks.  Joe had a mechanic day… he fixed up my bike and attached the bike trailer for me, switched out the snowplow for the lawn mower deck on the tractor and made good progress on hanging the tires on the old truck.  We decided to get the truck back on the road to use it for hauling trash to the dump and hauling lumber and remodeling supplies home.  By the time we register and insure the truck we could have paid for maybe 2-3 loads to the dump (by a contractor) so it made more sense for us to do it ourselves and use it all summer.

IMG_1155 IMG_1156 IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1160 IMG_1161 IMG_1162 IMG_1163

11:15am – James was getting very sleepy since he woke up so early so we had to come inside while Joe stayed out and continued to work.

11:45am – James woke up from his nap after about 20 minutes and refused to go back to sleep so we went downstairs and had some lunch quick. Peanut butter and jelly tortillas with carrot sticks and almonds.  I finished up our shopping lists and plan and after that we headed back upstairs to take a shower/bath and get ready to go shopping.


2:00pm – James and I were on our way out with our massive shopping list and several stores to go to just about when Joe was coming inside for the day after finishing my bike and the lawnmower and working on the truck etc.  Shortly after we left Joe headed out for about a 2 hour bike ride.

20150502_1310225pm – James and I went to 5 places and got some clothes with coupons we got in the mail, some household items, a ton of groceries and we deposited a check at the bank.  We ended up at the grocery store twice because I forgot tomatoes which Joe needed for supper so after driving about two blocks I had to turn around and we had to go back in! When we got home Joe had just gotten back from his training and was in the shower getting cleaned up.  James fell asleep on the way home too so he took a little nap in the car with the air conditioning on while I unloaded the groceries.  When I went to wake him up he was pretty angry.


6:30pm – Joe was busy cooking supper by this point. We had nice and easy chips with salsa and lots of guacamole as a snack/supper except we ended up saving it until we went out to the fire later.



7:00pm – Normally we would be having supper and winding down towards James’ bedtime but since he took a really late car nap I decided to take him on a bike ride instead to try out the new trailer.  He was pretty excited about it… he really likes bikes.  We got his cute little helmet on him and I couldn’t find mine so Joe adjusted his for me and I used that.  While we were gone Joe went outside and got us a nice campfire going and relaxed for a little bit.



8:00pm – James and I arrived home from our bike ride and went out to see Joe at the fire.  James was outside by a campfire a couple times last year but he didn’t really pay attention to it.  He seemed interested in it this time and had fun by us for awhile. At one point he went back to the bike trailer and tried to climb in and put his helmet back on… so I assume he had a fun ride!





8:30pm – We came in after a little bit, leaving Joe to tend the fire, and I made James a quick supper of cheerios, fruit, tortilla chips, nuts etc.  Just snacks… mostly he really wanted to eat the cheerios.  He loves the size of cat food lately and thinks it is so tasty so we got him some cereal he could grab and eat instead of cat food!

8:45 – We were sitting in the living room while James was eating and I looked out the window to see a mom and her daughter slowly walking up our hill.  The mom was clearly not doing so well and the little girl was trying to help her.  So I grabbed James and ran out and asked if they needed a ride somewhere and they agreed because mom was really not feeling alright.  They had been in Dollar Bay and were headed back home up the hill.  So James and I ran back to the fire and got Joe and he took them home safe and sound.  They really didn’t have that far to go but walking up our hill isn’t fun even on a good day so it would have taken them awhile!

9:30 – James was finally in bed at this point! He didn’t want to go to bed but it was way later than his normal bedtime and he finally let go and fell asleep! By then it was pretty dark outside and Joe had gotten the telescope out for us and lined it up so we could see Jupiter and three of its moons which was pretty cool.  The moon was also really full.  I cleaned up the living room real quick from toys and then brought out our chips, salsa and guacamole snack supper with me!


11:30pm – We sat outside talking and hanging out for a couple of hours but then we were really tired so we headed inside once the fire died down and headed to bed!


Car Checkup, Children’s Museum and Christmas Take-Down

Yesterday the three of us headed off to Marquette to get the cars 10,000 mile checkup and first oil change. Joe could have gone by himself but James and I went along and we also went to the Children’s Museum and the Marquette Food Coop and then got some Wendy’s for lunch on the way home.


James at the car Toyota dealership.  He sat in the fun chairs and had a snack and then found their Lego table.  If we don’t end up sick from that thing it will be a miracle… super nice to have a few toys for kids but the Legos were so dirty they were black and scummy. Ick. James didn’t mind though!


Then we went to the food Co-op where I ended up buying sheep’s Feta cheese, fresh goat Chevre and a gigantic Chiogga beet that I want to roast up. Yum. I will try and take a photo of the beet before I cut it up, it’s almost as big as James’ head.  After that we went to the Children’s Museum.  James is still a little small for a lot of the activities (but he is under 2 so he got in free!) but we wandered a bit and he drove a pretend, big truck, saw some turtles, a snake and a skink and then drove a play car, played with some musical instruments, dug in a bio-mass fuel pit and played with some blocks.  We ended our trip by checking out some bees in a beehive and a giant train set!





James really loved the train set!


James slept on the way there and then was so tired after our errands he passed out after taking his first bite of Wendy’s chicken nugget and slept almost the entire way home!  Went right out!


Today we stayed around the house and didn’t go anywhere.  Had a couple naps, Joe did go for a run and we had leftover snacks (cheese, crackers, fish spread, fruit etc.) for lunch and then Joe made us some easy pasta for supper.  This afternoon James and I also took down Christmas.  I just can’t leave it for long after Christmas… I get itching to take it down and clear things out and freshen up the house for the New Year so today we were watching some T.V. at lunch and I decided it was time! Cleared up Christmas and washed all the rugs covering the uneven spot in the floor and did some organizing.  We’ll rotate some toys around in the next few days and get out/do some new activities!


December Book and Activity Advent – Days 17, 18, 19 and 20

Well our unofficial activity for the 17th and 18th was ‘mom has the stomach flu’.  We did open books but especially on the 17th it was a pretty lame day.  James pretty much got to do whatever he wanted as long as he wasn’t hurting himself or breaking anything.  I couldn’t even manage to take Cora outside I was so miserable.  We did read lots of books and watched some cartoons and played with whatever toys James brought to me either downstairs or up in his room… plus we took two naps and then I went to bed at about 8:15 with James and we did not wake up until almost 9 the following morning!  Joe had to come home and take Cora out, then do a tiny bit of snow blowing and roof shoveling and then he went out to Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff like soup and 7up and we had that for supper.

Joe was also super duper nice that evening to me… he got James into his jammies and read him his books while I laid by them on the floor and then after James and I went to bed Joe came downstairs and did the dishes and cleaned up the house for me…. because it was totally trashed. I wish I had had the energy to photograph it before and after he cleaned it up. Usually I do at least 2 and sometimes more cleanups during the day and then we get toys out and make a mess again… and I didn’t do any that day, so the house really was pretty trashed!

The 18th and 19th I thought I was all better when I woke up but by the end of the day I was not doing so hot again.  Today I woke up feeling good and I still feel fine now, but I thought I was totally better so I requested Burger King for lunch.  Can we all assume that Burger King should not be the first large meal you eat after having stomach flu? Yea, who would have thought right? I haven’t been able to keep anything in the entire rest of the day. It was tasty, but I set myself way back, even the soup broth I tried for supper was bad! But at least I don’t have a headache or fever or anything like that.  Now as I type I’m trying some of the Pedialyte I keep on hand in case James ever needs it… it’s not tasty but maybe it will help.


Here are all of our last books!

We have over the past several days gotten a lot done still… Joe has been to the dentist and the doctor for a checkup this week.  James and I missed our date with Eleanor but felt well enough Thursday afternoon to run to town with Joe and get our packages shipped to our families… we were supposed to do that Wednesday but that did not happen.  I also managed to wash all the blankets, sheets and bedding and James and I did a total clean out in the pantry… we threw about 6 bags of stuff.  A lot of it was things like egg cartons and I purged some of our cloth bags and got rid of some outdated spices etc.  It looks so nice in there now, I love it!


James is just so flexible!

20141220_183821Today Joe, James and I went to the dump, the post office, the bank and then to Calumet.  I was hoping there would be horse and sleigh rides there today like there is sometimes before Christmas but there were none.  Then we got my ill-fated Burger King lunch and luckily spent the afternoon at home! Now tonight James as asleep and Joe and I are watching a movie! I’d love to eat popcorn but I’m guessing that’s a bad idea so maybe I will hold off 🙂