James in the Kitchen

This week I actually did a bunch of cooking and James has been helping me!


Yesterday we made homemade pasta.  I let him play in a bunch of flour. Which, as an after thought, wasn’t the best decision for several reasons.  First, once I realized he was eating it I was worried that he is too little to be eating wheat so I looked it up online and technically most doctors right now say not to introduce wheat until 7-9 months… but then there are others who say it shouldn’t be a problem if there is no family history of allergy, and two newer studies one done in the U.S. and one in Europe somewhere say that introducing grains between 4-6 months means the child is less likely to develop an allergy later. So the jury is out but needless to say I did keep an eye on him for a couple hours to make sure he had no reactions and he was absolutely fine! I don’t think he got too too much in his mouth either… most of it got smeared on his face and head and shirt or drooled back out which then mixed more with the flour on his shirt.  Which brings me to my second reason… spit-flour becomes sticky like glue or paste and it is very, very hard to wash off! It took a long time to clean that mess up… but he had a lot of fun so that makes it worth it!




Then today we decided to make some brownies for dessert.  I let him have the box while I was getting ingredients… he couldn’t figure out how to get it into his mouth but he thought it was pretty cool anyways.



Then I let him play with the egg while I was mixing the rest of the ingredients.  I figured if he broke the egg I would wipe him up right away because I don’t want him eating eggs just yet…and especially raw eggs even if they are from our own chickens! But he wasn’t particularly interested in the egg, he mostly wanted his new toy that I let him pick out at Wal-Mart today.  It’s a bumble bee teether with four different wings and the whole toy vibrates if you pull the purple wing towards you.  He thinks that’s pretty fun, way more fun than a silly, boring egg.



For supper we made beef stew.  I gave him a carrot and a potato to explore while I was cooking meat and chopping onions and garlic.  He gave the carrot a lick but wasn’t too sure about it.  He did like banging it around and playing with it though.  That poor carrot suffered a lot (got flung on the floor several times) before it got washed off and chopped for our supper.  The potato was more or less like the egg.  He looked at it a couple times but didn’t really care.  He is holding it in the last photo but only because I handed it to him.  It looks like he is licking it but really he was holding it and putting just his fingers in his mouth and he dropped the potato right after.  I guess the carrot and the brownie box are the winners of the day.



James is still way too young to eat real food, he has about two more months of just milk before he gets anything solid, but at least he is in the kitchen with us and watching us and learning about things! Maybe then when he can have solid foods he will enjoy a variety of them and be willing to try more of them! Plus, it’s a lot more fun to cook stuff or do stuff around the house if he can keep me company and be engaged in what we are doing! Otherwise he would be stuck playing by himself or I would have to wait until he was in bed to do everything.  This way makes everybody happy! Tomorrow our goal is to figure out how to make homemade pizza rolls! We’ve got Joe’s homemade pizza dough, my homemade tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and pepperoni and we’ll see how it goes!


Crispy Skinless Chicken Wings and Cheese Grits

Joe is back to cooking for us this week! Mmm, Lucky for me!  So far this week we have had pork stir-fry with noodles and then an Asian fish soup… both of which were very tasty and there were no leftovers 🙂 Tonight was no different on the leftovers front, Joe made us crispy skinless chicken wings and then cheesey grits topped with serrano peppers and green onion! It was very good!



WP_001717And a picture of James today.  Who spent most of his day with me… he managed a nap in his room this morning and we got lots of playing in but then wanted to take his afternoon nap in my arms too and how could I say no to that little baby? So we snuggled on the couch and took an afternoon nap together! This morning his nap ended with me finding him lying in a very large mess.  His diaper did it’s job, it’s just…it was more than the diaper could handle and overflowed! It required a bath, an entirely new outfit and a new sheets too.  Never had one of those messes before! I’m glad it happened for his morning nap and not the afternoon nap in my lap!  After nap time we played some and then after Joe came home we did a little bit of painting before his real bath for the day and then bed!

Painting for Valentine’s Day

James is practically all grown up now… he can roll over and now he sat in the cart for the first time like a big boy today!  I swear next week he will be going to school! He did need a lot of propping with my coat and his blankets but he much preferred this over sitting stuck in his car seat.  He really likes to look around and his car seat straps are already pretty tight and they are as loose as possible so I know it isn’t very comfy for him.  So for now, I think, anytime we get the chance I’ll try to take him out of his car seat and let him sit up or even if Joe is with us one of us could carry him so he could look around while we shop.  It makes him happier and if he is happy, we are happy, and everybody in the store is happy!

WP_001697In honour of Valentine’s Day he is wearing one of his red jackets and his shirt underneath has a little bear on it that says “I Love You” 🙂 Oh, and his cute socks are red too!

We made it to the dump, Tractor Supply, the gas station, Wal-Mart and out to lunch with some friends today.  Lunch was pushing it and was well past his nap time…and then the place was very slow and it took an hour and a half to get in and out.  He was such a trooper though and we made it home in time for a snack and then a 3 hour long nap.  Once he woke up we decided to do some painting (for the first time!) and make his daddy a Valentine’s Day card.




James also wore his red jammies for his nap today.  He seemed to enjoy the paint on his hands and was interested in that and then it was 50/50 whether he liked smearing the paper or grabbing his burp cloth/bib more.  He took the whole burp cloth off himself and kept crinkling it in his fingers with the paint all over.  Surprisingly he got very little paint in his mouth (yes, it’s obviously non-toxic and I was right there making sure he didn’t eat a ton!) although he did smear it up his arms and get some on his face too! I think he had fun, he was engaged and didn’t cry so I think that’s a success! And now he has a Valentine’s Day gift to give his dad!