Finger Puppet Barn

I finally finished James’ finger puppet barn today… took me a lot longer than I expected but I only ended up with one blister burn from the hot glue gun which is good I guess! Definitely did not turn out quite like the pattern, but it still turned out alright I think. This will be one of our car activities in a few weeks so James won’t actually get to play with it for awhile. I’m also going to make a set of dogs and attempt a dog house for them. The animals are all sewn and the barn is a combo of hot glue and sewing.

I did buy the patterns off Etsy, all but the dog house anyways – for that I’m going to try to alter the barn idea a bit on my own. Amazon does have some cheap finger puppets but to buy handmade ones off Etsy it was a lot cheaper to make them myself…I’ll end up with 4 sets of animals/dogs for under $25. It just takes awhile to do!





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