Hot, hot, hot!

It is hot here  (still/again!) Joe had to do a long run this morning and Cora, James and I went for a short walk. Then we hung out in the air conditioning for a long time and finally convinced James to nap!


A bit dark, but James helped me fold laundry this morning. He put Joe’s shirt on and then 5 pairs of shorts over the top and then waddled around until he got mad with it all!

This afternoon James and I ran to town to buy sub buns and ice cream and to test out our new car dvd player. We got it refurbished from Groupon for like $40, to use on our car trips but today Joe set it up and attached it so we had to test it out. James was impressed!


James riding Bob the Builder at Wal-Mart.  He loves this thing!


One more easy car activity done. It’s an ‘everything’ I spy bottle. It has random hardware, pennies, Bobbie pins, buttons, craft items like beads and glitter, old jewelry, a thimble, some safety pins… pretty much anything I could find that would fit. Probably worth a few minutes of entertainment in the car!


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