Cement Trucks and Tractors

Fun day today! A friend of ours (James and I, Joe still hasn’t met them!) was having some cement poured so she invited us up to watch with her and her son Simon. Simon and James are close in age so they had loads of fun seeing the big truck! Then as a bonus James got to ride in a tractor! He loves when Joe gives him rides on our tractor and he was just beaming excited to go in this one too.  Plus, he got to see frogs, and play in a little kid po
ol which he loved. James did not want to come home!


Now he is just about asleep next to me and Joe is out for his run. He had to work today of course but then he also took the old truck to work to do some work on it too. Now James and I need to fill it up with trash so it’s ready to go on Saturday!


One thought on “Cement Trucks and Tractors

  1. no matky jsou obecnÄ› prdnc©.,,lÄ›Ão jsem už ve Å¡kolce zažila..ty dÅ¡Ä›ti, které by odklad potÅ™ebovaly ho nedostanou, páč je to ostuda a ty co ho nepotÅ™ebujou rok mprudí zbytečnÄ› ve Å¡kolce…:-)

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