Canal Run 2015

I made it! It was almost the perfect day for a run today and I’m very proud/satisfied with my 2:16:00:.7 time… except for that pesky .7 of a second! That comes out to an average pace of 10:22 per mile. Most of my miles were sub-10 or just over, except for miles 11 and 12 which were about 11 and 12 minutes per mile respectively… I had to walk a bit during those last couple miles! They are very steadily uphill and I was getting tired and sore. I was hoping for a 2:30 finish and expecting more like a 2:45 finish so 2:16 was awesome! That comes out to over 2 minutes per mile faster than most of my training runs… apparently I don’t work hard enough in training!


Also, I’m competitive so I liked to pass people and not let many pass me. I just kept picking new targets and kept on going. Plus, I did ‘cheat’ a bit by using music (which is allowed and a large number of runners do it, but it is slightly discouraged for safety reasons because the road is not closed) and I took some pain meds beforehand to help my hip, which is actually not feeling too bad post-race… especially considering I do 99% of my training on soft trail and this was a road race.


Joe and James bummed around and got breakfast while I ran and then after James did the quarter mile kids run with a little help from us! He also won a metal and got a shirt. Except, I ordered him an xs but when we went to get it they had given them all away so he has a medium… which he can wear when he is like 10!

This afternoon we took a 3 hour family nap (which is biting us in the butt for bedtime!) after Joe ran to the dump and mowed the lawn and James and I got cleaned up and made some lunch. Then we went out to find new shoes for Joe and James. Joe’s were worn out and James feet grew a lot all of a sudden!  James ended up picking car shoes that light up and then he got some new socks too! Joe got normal shoes… they do not light up 🙂


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