Happy 4th of July!

We had a fun holiday weekend and are wrapping it up tonight with some grapefruit cake (courtesy of Joe) and some Sunday night T.V. shows!

First here are some photos from earlier in the week…


I asked this little guy to go pick out what shoes he wanted to wear and he totally surprised me by coming back with them already on! Such a big boy!


Some of our tower building with his cars and race track.


Wednesday we went out shopping and stopped by the farmers market after we failed to find an open strawberry farm to go picking.  We never did come home with strawberries but we climbed up and down these stairs by the market and got a tasty treat from a Middle Eastern woman who had a booth and ate it out by the road watching cars and trucks go by.





We’ve been outside a lot of course, and above is James jump rope game. Either we take turns leading each other around with it or we face each other and twirl it or wiggle it on the ground like a snake. Lots of play value from this ratty old jump rope we found in a barn! Below is James’ most recent colouring project.  We are going to glue stuff to the butterfly and do some more work on it later.  He loves to colour although he lost his blue marker over the weekend when he bit the end off of it.



Joe was in town Thursday night and I was trying to do dishes quick after supper. I knew James was in the pantry sitting in the box of toilet paper and looking at the kettle.  The next thing I know he was very, very quiet. I went to check on him and there he was with an empty box of Panko.  He had also gotten out the kosher salt and tried to break into the food colouring. I still had a few dishes to do and the damage was done so I left him to play while I finished so we could clean this mess up together and when I came back a couple minutes later he had gotten the shredded coconut out and was eating it with both his hands.  He was pretty proud of himself.


Yesterday morning we were colouring and I let him colour on himself and on my legs.  I’m sure it is a bad lesson but we had fun, no harm done!

Now on to the weekend!…

Joe was off work on Friday with us but we didn’t do too much until the evening.  Joe did his workout and James and I ran to town for some groceries. In the afternoon Joe had to run to town for a work meeting and then he came home to join James and I at the Dollar Bay 4th of July party that they do every year the night before.  There were supposed to be horse carriage rides around Dollar Bay but the guy canceled or didn’t show.  They also gave out children’s tickets for free food and candy but it was all incredibly junky and unhealthy and the kids already get loads of candy at the parade on the 4th so we skipped it.  And besides that there was a really, overly loud band and a ton of local people smoking…so we stayed for maybe 10 minutes and then walked to the school and spent like an hour or more playing! It was the first time Joe has come to that playground with us and there happened to be a similarly aged little girl playing there too so James had a sweet little playmate! So even though the party was a dud, it couldn’t have turned out better!

20150703_191014Saturday morning Joe got up early to get his swim in and then at noon we all headed down to Dollar Bay for the parade! We got a nice spot and James seemed to have fun… he gorged himself on candy and seemed to really like seeing the fire trucks and a pair of little horses that went by.  After the parade we had a nice family nap (we got to have a family nap on Friday too, those are the best!) and then once we were all up I went out for my run for a couple of hours while Joe did some food prep and James played.  After supper (Joe made us really good steaks and mashed potatoes) we took a random drive to Houghton to look at the waterfront and get a little bit of ice cream.

IMG_1218Today we finished off our weekend activities with a trip to the beach! It was very, very hot so Joe skipped his 3 hour bike ride and replaced the break lines on the old truck this morning (James and I were inside doing a full toy rotation and cleanup) and then around nap time we stuck James in the car so he could sleep and we headed North to a spot called Bete de Gris and spent 3 hours on the beach having lunch, playing in the sand, Joe went all the way into the water, we dug a big hole for James to play in and finally by the end we coaxed him into the water a little bit (and then he didn’t want to leave!).  We got home in time for Joe to make some Hawaiian pizza for supper and then James went off to bed!

20150705_143904 20150705_144415

James really wanted to drink water like a puppy.




He was trying to dump his bucket in the hole we were digging for him but he accidentally went the wrong way 🙂


Once Joe went in and swam a few times James decided the water might actually be fun so he let me carry him a few feet into the water to look around and then when Joe came to short he went over to the edge of the waves to explore with him.  They were blowing bubbles and James was drinking like a doggie again.  Had to crop the photo for privacy because James ended up the day pretty naked!


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