Summer Fun

We’re still here and we have been having lots of fun but I haven’t taken as many photos!  During the cooler weather I can wear my jacket and stick my phone or camera in my pocket but now I don’t usually take either outside with me.

Last weekend we, Cora included, went to the water to go wading for a bit and then got some supper on the way home and then the following day was a bit rough because James refused to nap and wasn’t that fun for awhile! We made it though! And as of today we can feel a molar pushing through…come on 2 year molars, hurry up and stop bugging our baby! 🙂 These last 4 teeth are just killing us but then he is all set! I also got to go for an 8.5 mile run Saturday morning and Joe did a 10+ mile run Saturday evening and then a 3 hour/50 mile bike ride on Sunday!

I do have a couple pictures to share.  James likes to pretend he is Puppy James and sometimes he gives us puppy kisses.  Yesterday he decided to get a puppy drink too just like Cora does.


And here is a James selfie wearing my headband… he thought it was pretty cool and it matched his shirt. I have about 20 of these. He is pretty good at taking photos!



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