Amazon Prime Pantry

We tried the Amazon Prime Pantry service this month!  It is only worth it if you fill up a whole box because it does cost $5.99 for shipping, but I think if you do fill up the whole box it is a pretty good deal to have everything shipped right to the door.  It’s nice to just lift the big box inside from the step instead of shopping and loading the car and hauling it all inside after.

The UPS man is very familiar with our house now.  We get Amazon subscription items once a month (a lot of household items/diapers), we order a lot/most of our gifts off Amazon (especially around Christmas time), I order a lot of craft and activity items for James from Amazon and now this month we had a Prime Pantry order as well. We are a weekly stop and many times more than once a week.  James enjoys watching the UPS truck from the front door when he is awake for the delivery 🙂


Amazon Prime Pantry tells you exactly how much will fit in a box by percentage so you know exactly how much more you can add for a full delivery.


Everything fit perfectly!


Box unpacked!

Almost all of our items were either cheaper or the same price that I could get them from at Wal-Mart.  A few items may have been a tiny bit more expensive but if so then they were in the comparable/reasonable range and still worth it to order. The pasta I ordered especially, was like 50 cents cheaper per box off Amazon and still cheaper than I could get generic pasta.

In this order I stocked up our pantry shelves so we should be set for awhile with pasta, rice, tuna, a couple types of soup for quick weekend lunches, oatmeal, all purpose flour, some household items like trash bags and batteries, plus almond and peanut butter, soup crackers and a tiny fun box of animal crackers for James because my box was almost full and that was a fun little way to fill it fully to get the most for my shipping.

My only complaint is that one of my soup cans was dented (not a big deal but still…) and they don’t offer a few brands I prefer.  We are trying a new type of paper towels in this order and I had to buy a different brand of peanut butter although on first taste it is pretty good/tasty and it was way cheaper than Wal-Mart peanut butter too so that isn’t a huge deal.

Plus, some items I would like to get from Prime Pantry like bulk dried beans and other grains are unavailable and their selection of pasta sauce is pretty dismal.  I would definitely buy several pounds of different dried beans and peas if I could and I would buy rice by the 5-10lb too but all they had were smaller bags or a large 15lb bag which is a bit too big and took up too much space in my box.  Instead for the rice I opted to get two different kinds in smaller bags which works just as well.  I’m sure as it gets more popular their selection will become larger.  I’d love to see our brands of things like laundry soap, dish soap and a few more household items.  We already get dishwasher soap, toilet paper, and some household items through Amazons subscription service.  Cat litter is a another item I may get with this Prime Pantry box.  No matter what brand I try I always come back to Tidy Cat and it hasn’t been available by subscription but it is available through Prime Pantry.  It is a couple dollars more expensive so I’m still tempted to buy it at Wal-Mart but it is borderline being worth it just to have it shipped to the house…especially during the winter!


Bonus, the shipping box gives James some entertainment for awhile and once he is finished the cats play in it!


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