Gardening, Nature Walks, and Park Time

Here are a handful of pictures from our week!

James has gotten to take a couple of walks with just me this week, instead of taking Cora too, so he got to get out of the stroller and explore.  One was in Dollar Bay and the other was on the trail.  This walk we met a bird and talked to it for a long time.

20150527_144818 20150527_144835 20150527_144841

James checking out the bird above and then doing to grading work with his truck below.


We also did a bit of gardening.  We planted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and tomato seeds in egg cartons inside (they are pretty late, not sure if we will actually get any pumpkins or tomatoes from them) and then today we planted pole beans, lima beans (James’ choice) and snap peas along with a bit of lettuce and some Columbine flower seeds.  Will probably plant a couple more things coming up once the garden is ready to go. We started weeding too it is pretty bad so it isn’t ready for plants yet.


We’ve been to the play ground several times this week and then yesterday we went to a fun birthday party and then stopped at a new park on the way home!



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