Chalkboard Wall

Here is our finished chalkboard wall! Or as finished as it is going to get for now anyways.  We had this perfect little spot between the two doors to turn into a chalkboard and we had almost everything we needed so it was super cheap too.  We already had chalkboard paint (otherwise it is about $10 for a quart) and we already had the chalk, glass jars and white paint from painting the radiator.  The trim is a little scrap I stole from our pile that we took out of the living room and dining room when we took our walls down since it is doubtful that we will use it again. All we needed were a few nails, some hose clamps and an eraser which ended up being less than $15 total!

I did the painting part of it and James and I stopped by the building supply store one day and picked up the hose clamps and some special nails.  I had no idea what hose clamps were so I walked around until I saw what I wanted and only learned what they were later! 🙂 James and I alone together in the building supply store are a bit out of our element.  Sometimes I do know what I want, just not the name!  Then Joe drilled the holes into the hose clamps for me and installed them on the wall and cut the trim the right size for me too!


We ended up only installing two jars for now but we do have two additional hose clamps so we could add more on the other side or change the layout a bit later if we wanted.  For now one cup of chalk and one eraser is perfect since James mostly likes to eat the chalk anyways… this way I only have a couple pieces to keep an eye on and make sure he isn’t chomping on them. My picture doesn’t look level but I swear its level when you look at it!



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