Memorial Weekend 2015

We are ending a nice holiday weekend this evening with James in bed, Joe doing homework and me catching up on stuff around the house and on my computer.

Saturday James and I did some shopping and played around the house and yard while Joe worked on school work and then did his long run for the week and mowed the lawn.  We had our third Blue Apron meal for supper (which I will post about tomorrow) and a quiet evening at home with a campfire out back after James was in bed.  Joe got out the telescope and we checked out Saturn and Jupiter and then looked at some stars.  I also just about fell asleep in my chair so we finally came inside.

Sunday we had a normal low-key morning, Joe did his long bike and then when he got home James insisted on taking a shower with him so they got ready together. Then around lunchtime James and I ran to Wal-Mart to get him a life jacket (for his first time in a boat) while Joe did some school work and then we came home, he got a quick nap and then we went up to visit a couple of friends’ at their cabin for the afternoon.  Their cabin isn’t actually a ‘cabin’, there are two houses owned by the family right next to each other and they are pretty big and really nice with power and running water etc. They are sort of unique too because you have to cross a little channel/canal to get to them (Or hike 45 minutes through the woods, there are no roads) and they are two of three homes there and then all surrounding them is nature preserve.  It is really pretty! The third home is a lighthouse, click the link to see its website, which some man/family restored and refinished but they don’t visit too often right now.  The crossing of the little channel was James’ first trip in a boat! He seemed kind of neutral about the whole thing on the way over and then on the way back he was getting tired and didn’t like his life jacket so he cried a bit.  But at least he has had his first boat ride now! We got to check out their neat houses and then spent a long time hanging out on the beach while James played and their dogs ran around and dug holes.  It was a pretty fun afternoon!

IMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1216 IMG_1217

I wish I would have gotten some more pictures but I wasn’t think of pictures on our boat ride, I was just making sure James didn’t fall off and then every time we do something fun I forget to get my camera out! At least I got a couple of James playing with Laura on the beach!  James had a blast! He loves sand, he loves dogs (and there were 4 of them), he loves splashing in the water, and exploring outside, and being ‘nosey’ and exploring other peoples’ houses.  Plus he got to eat graham crackers on the beach (they are one of his favourite foods), so it was pretty much an awesome trip for him.  James fell fast asleep on the way home so then he was awake until 10 but it was worth it. 🙂

Today has been super rainy and a bit cold outside.  James and I took Cora out a couple times so he could play in the rain and splash in the puddles. He doesn’t care if he is all wet and spent forever watching a worm crawl around.  He was also pretty mad when I made him come inside both times. Maybe we will have a warm, rainy day soon and then I would be more willing to stand outside in it with him.  Joe has been working on his homework ALL day today and James and I have been puttering around like it was a normal day for the most part although I did spend a long time this afternoon making him a superhero cape.  i think it turned out pretty good.  And Joe did take a break to help me with my chalkboard wall by drilling some holes in my brackets and cutting some trim for me… that post will be coming up soon too, the trim is drying and I can finish the wall tomorrow!

20150525_191546 20150525_191553 20150525_191617

I think it turned out pretty good for just using stuff I had on hand! The blue fabric is an old bed sheet I was hanging on to for some sort of craft, I was tempted to buy a brighter blue for it but decided just to go with this… it works! And then the grey, yellow and red felt were just some colours I had on hand from a failed activity. Originally I was going to make a felt face game but my face-making skills are pretty dismal so we skipped that.  Good thing too, since I ended up with felt to make his cape! I found a tutorial on Pinterest for the rough design and then I adjusted it for James since the original was about 30 inches long and James in total is only about 32-33 inches tall.  It ended up coming out a good size for him with some room to grow.  The neck closes with velcro.


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