Little Updates, Painting, Cleaning, James and Lots of Pictures! (Part 2)

And here are even more updates and photos and things we have been working on since the last time I posted.


James and I cleaned out the sauna.  I cleaned it out last year entirely, taking the old benches out and everything (all that is left is the big stove) but since then I sort of piled stuff in it we weren’t using.  So we took it all out and rearranged and stored stuff back nicely!


IMG_1205Joe made us super tasty homemade pizza one night and while James was impatiently waiting at the table for his food he got into the red pepper flakes and sprinkled them everywhere and ate a ton too.


We had two old cameras laying around, the point and click disposable kind, and we let James take a bunch of random photos with them and then I got them developed.  One of the cameras was so old that these pictures came off of it (and nothing else actually, the film must have gone bad).  These photos are of Joe and Buddy in my apartment 2 years before we moved into our house so at least 8 years ago! We were both still in school and that was my tiny little one bedroom apartment where Buddy lived with me.  Joe lived down the road in a big house with all his friends but we were so close we could walk in just a minute or two.


We have friends who have a 1 year old and a 3 year old (almost anyways) and they have a birthday party next weekend that is super-hero themed so I have to make James a little super-hero costume.  This is about all I’ve done so far but I will finish the rest this weekend.


Thursday we had a playdate with our friends Deanna and Simon! After his class, Joe picked us up and traded the car with us so we could go meet at a local park to play.  James and Simon had loads and loads of fun for almost two hours until James had a little accident with a picnic table.  Poor baby!  He was not a happy camper at that point (obviously!). It took a few minutes to calm him down and then we called our play date done for the day.  We picked up Joe from work and he was still a little upset but by the time we got home he was totally back to normal and wanted to run and play and jump and acted totally fine… he didn’t even want to come inside the house.  I turned on Mickey Mouse while I made supper so he would sit still and not cause anymore damage to himself for the rest of the day.  Not sure I could have taken more injury after that fall. He is a tough boy! He looks a bit serious/sad in the pictures but at this point he wasn’t he was busy reading books with Joe and jumping on his trampoline and playing with his trucks.  The second picture he was busy being serious because he was taking his own selfie! 🙂  He got a nice bath after supper and a bunch of neosporin on his face and some Tylenol and we kept an eye on him.  I’m sure he is sore and can feel his scrapes and bump but he hasn’t acted like he felt bad and hasn’t shown any dangerous signs of needing a doctor. So thankful it wasn’t worse!



And finally, yesterday Joe took the day off and the three of us traveled to Marquette for our car’s routine checkup and a trip to the Children’s Museum!  The above picture was Joe helping James look into the engine of a showroom car.  James had a lot of fun wandering around looking at the cars and they gave him a nice yellow balloon and he had some popcorn.  I think everybody felt kind of bad for him with his scraped up face and a lot of people mentioned he had taken a tumble! His face does look better now, his bump is gone, but still a bit bruised up there and his scrape is scabbed over nice and he had some more neosporin.  A few days and he will be all better!


Here is Joe helping James play the piano at the Children’s Museum.  We didn’t even think of it beforehand but it ended up being really busy because of end-of-the-year school field trips.  So most of the time he was dodging big, crazy kids and he couldn’t really play like he normally would with things but he still got to see a lot and got a chance to play the piano and drive a race car and an ambulance.  He also managed to help dismantle a pvc pipe wheelbarrow (it was already broken but he yanked off a big hunk and handed it to Joe) and then in the music room there was a piece of trim falling off the wall and he yanked it off entirely and handed it to Joe too. Haha. It was pretty funny. That museum definitely takes a beating from kids.


And then… to top it off, to prove he is at least partly my baby.. here is Joe fixing a little cupboard door that I managed to rip off. Joe can’t take us anywhere! There were little cubbies behind all of these doors and you could open and peek inside. There was actually nothing behind this door (maybe because it is too high for most kids to see into) but I opened it to look and the door fell off. I say it would have happened to the next person to open it but I don’t think Joe believed me.  Not sure if I posted this… but our basement door fell off one day recently too and it was when I tried to open it.  I must have super human strength that I passed on to our little he-man baby. 🙂



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