Little Updates, Painting, Cleaning, James and Loads of Pictures! (Part 1)

It’s been awhile since I’ve done just an update post so I have loads of photos and split my post into two different ones so no one was overloaded!


I can’t remember if I posted this or not but this is a tasty chicken stew Joe made for us with homemade little doughnuts. I think it is actually a Vietnamese breakfast food but it was tasty for supper too!


James bugging the dog.  She was really sweet to tolerate him and I made him get down.  He is learning to pet gently and be kind to animals.


James learned how to roll open the back window.  Sometimes when Joe leaves for work or a bike ride he goes up on the stool and rolls open the window to watch him.


James also learned how to push a chair over to the counter or washing machine to see what is up there.  I needed something from those cupboards and he watched me climb up on his little chair and followed.  Quick learner!



We got the snack tray for James’ BOB stroller.  I was a little disappointed by it’s design but I had read reviews so I was warned it might be a bit weird.  It is very high and wouldn’t work for a younger or shorter baby at all, James at 18 months can barely see over it.  It will work though and it is super easy to put on and off so I can always take it off and place it in the basket below.


I thought I would plant some grass in the front yard except I didn’t buy even close to enough.  But, since this was like a week ago… as of now the grass is coming in nicely in the little patch I seeded!


James enjoying some seaweed snacks. He really likes them!

20150520_132225 IMG_1202

I finally got around to painting this ugly beast.  James helped me! He still has some nice oil-based paint in his hair but it will wear off eventually.  I also then realized that the bright white radiator made the rest of our white trim in the kitchen look dingy. So I used the rest of my paint doing the trim.  I’ve got a little bit left to do but ran out of paint so I will finish that next week.



We started a chalkboard wall for James! I painted this much but now to hang the little cups and probably cut a bit of trim for the top I need Joe’s help! I will post more on that later.


Luckily Joe spent all that time power brushing the yard a couple weeks ago because this week, for the first time in at least the 6 years we have lived here, they came to clear out all the gravel from the ditch! James and I were creepers and we sat in the yard watching the big trucks do their work.  I’m sure the crew loved that.

20150520_083429 IMG_1172

Cowboy James and Cowgirl Cora.

IMG_1175 IMG_1192

We haven’t done a ton of planned activities lately… we’ve been spending more time outside, at the playground and in the backyard but this day was cold and rainy so we had a little sensory box.  I saved loads of toilet paper rolls and we played with those and some little puff balls and bubble wrap and just random little toys in a box.



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