First Day of School and 18 months

Today was Joe’s first day of classes.  He is officially back in school! He goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday right now for about 2 hours in the middle of the day so he ends up missing about 3 hours of work total. Luckily this summer is less busy than some of the previous summers so he can make it work!


And tomorrow, is James’ 18 month birthday.  At his appointment yesterday he weighed 30lb and he was 32.25 inches tall.  Beyond that he is reaching all his milestones just fine, he is talking a bit more now with basic words and communicating what he wants otherwise.  He really loves cars and trucks and anything with wheels, or just wheels by themselves.  He loves spending time outside and would stay out all day if he could just running and jumping and climbing and exploring.  Even inside he loves running, jumping, climbing and exploring! He likes bugs and dogs/cats and is pretty willing to try new foods and eat a variety of things (for supper tonight he just ate a boatload of broccoli but he had a bunch of other things earlier!).  He is at such a fun age to play with and interact with and watch him learn.


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