Our Menu 5/2/15-5/8/15

Here is what we all ate this week.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted much about our food so I thought I would try and do a week’s worth of photos and then maybe I will go back to at least documenting some of our tastiest suppers after that.


IMG_1151Breakfast was some last-minute apple oatmeal cups.  I thought some sort of baked oatmeal would be tasty and it could cook while I was working out and when I searched Pinterest I found these little baked oatmeal cups.  Unfortunately, they weren’t very good so I’m not going to link the recipe since I’d feel bad linking to someone’s site and saying it wasn’t very good! Also, who knows… maybe I did something wrong and it was my fault and not the fault of the recipe… either way, not the greatest, although we did eat them.

IMG_1164Lunch for James and I was some peanut butter and jelly tortillas with almonds and carrots with mustard.  James loves mustard although I give him a more mild Dijon and I tend to eat spicy mustard or horseradish mustard with mine.  James isn’t quite there yet… but give him some Dijon and he will go all out.  Joe was outside working so he just had some chips/salsa as a snack when he came inside and before he went on his training run.  He tends to eat less for breakfast and lunch than James and I do.

IMG_1166Supper for Joe and I was chips, homemade salsa and homemade guacamole out by the fire (although we snacked on it all evening inside too).  James had snacks for supper as well but they included cheerios, nuts (cashews/almonds), apple, and some tortilla chips with a bit of guacamole.


IMG_1168We had breakfast tacos on Sunday.  They had turkey bacon, egg, spinach, tomato and homemade salsa in them and then James and I also had grapefruit. James loves grapefruit and always wants more.  I got a couple packages of turkey bacon last week to try and it’s alright but it really isn’t much healthier than real bacon and it is definitely way more processed.  I don’t mind it, and it is one-third to one-half the price of regular bacon but it isn’t really bacon to us! We still like the real stuff best.

Lunch on Sunday was from the grocery store.  We ran to town for a handful of things and got chicken/bacon wraps, some macaroni salad and some grocery store sushi to try.  I forgot to take a picture but it was all pretty good.  The sushi was a bit dry but that’s because I picked out a package that was $1 off because it needed to be sold 🙂 James liked everything except he picked out the seaweed from his sushi and walked over and placed it into the trash can.  I guess James doesn’t like seaweed yet. 🙂


Supper on Sunday was an aromatic chicken stew with onion/cilantro/seasoned rice.  It was very tasty and Joe even ended up with a bunch of homemade chicken stock after cooking the chicken so it was a bonus. This chicken was our first Halal chicken.  We tried it because most of the regular store chickens have a bunch of added juice/solution and Halal chickens can’t have that… they are just plain chicken. I think it was tasty and they aren’t much more expensive than regular chickens so maybe we will buy these instead. Luckily our grocery store has a little section of Halal meats for the (very) small population here that needs them.


IMG_1170Monday breakfast was oatmeal.  It doesn’t look like much but oatmeal is one of James’ favourite foods and I can pack a bunch of other stuff into it.  Today there was cashew milk, sun butter, chopped walnuts, raisins, a bit of flax seed and a little bit of brown sugar.  Sometimes it is more or less plain than this and depends on what we have on hand.  We like raisins, all kinds of nuts, flax, coconut, maple syrup/honey/brown sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice/pumpkin, nut/seed butters, nut milks, and sometimes fruit (mostly apples).


 Lunch Monday was a bit weird for James and I.  Sunday we went shopping and we let James pick out a little ramen package at the store because it was little and shiny and he could carry it around and I promised to make it for lunch for him on Monday so James had ramen noodles and applesauce and I used up some leftover homemade bread from last week with sun butter and applesauce.  James took an unheard of 2.5 hour nap so we had a super duper late lunch.  Joe took chicken stew leftovers for lunch this day.


Supper on Monday was pork belly tacos from this cookbook and chicharron from this cookbook. The tacos had corn tortillas and then tasty pork belly… I’m not sure what all was in it except I know there were some guajillo chiles. And then we had it with pineapple, onion, cilantro and leftover homemade salsa on top and then a few pieces of chicharron (pig skin but it is cooked/dehydrated and then fried so it puffs up) on the side.  We all liked everything… I think James’ favourite was the chicharron! Yum!



Tuesday James and I had grapefruit and apple with peanut butter ‘muffins’. They aren’t exactly muffins because there is no flour in them.  They are made with banana, peanut butter, vanilla, agave/honey, eggs and baking powder.  You can substitue different nut or seed butters for the peanut butter… we have used peanut, almond and sun butters alone and in combination with each other and they all work fine.  And then there are a bunch of additions you can make to make them unique. Today I added some coconut to the top. They are super easy and fast to make and James likes them… that’s why his breakfast isn’t pictured.  He couldn’t wait until I was done working out so he devoured 4 muffins plus half a grapefruit and a bit of apple and his plate was pretty empty and not worth photographing!


Tuesday lunch James and I took some leftover rice and added corn, black beans, green onion, tomatoes, red pepper and lime/cilantro and made sort of Mexican-style bowls with it.


 Tuesday night we were originally possibly going out for supper with some friends but then we changed our plans so I searched on Pinterest and came up with this recipe that we had all the ingredients for.  It is more Asian-style with a lot of ginger, garlic, green onions, soy sauce/rice wine vinegar and then there was a bit of peanut butter, carrot and ground pork too. It turned out alright anyways.


20150506_084505 20150506_084508

Wednesday was our day out with Eleanor and we always stop at McDonalds for breakfast because she likes to see her friends and have her breakfast there.  James usually has some hashbrowns and a sausage McMuffin although once in awhile he will have some oatmeal. I used to get him apples but he would prefer to eat hashbrowns over apple so they always got rejected and it isn’t fair to let him eat nothing because he wants to be eating what Eleanor and I are eating… so he get some of what we have too!


Lunch on Wednesday was leftover noodles from last nights supper, plus banana and James had some of his leftover sausage biscuit from breakfast too (which Cora was ridiculously jealous of and stole the leftovers as soon as James was done).

 Supper Wednesday was a little weird.  I was supposed to soak black beans and make a Mexican salad but I totally forgot so instead we had roasted tomato and garlic pasta for the main part of supper and as a pre-supper snack we had chips and homemade guacamole because the avocados I had gotten for supper were very ripe and needed to be eaten.  I forgot to take a picture at all!


20150507_093329Breakfast Thursday was some egg, turkey bacon, spinach and tomato tacos with banana and grapefruit.  James hasn’t been into eggs much recently, he used to eat them but I guess he doesn’t like them right now.  He definitely likes tortillas, turkey bacon, grapefruit and sort of banana.  I don’t really like banana either but for some reason I always buy them!


Lunch Thursday was some leftovers from Wednesday night that I added tuna too and cut up some carrot sticks.  Nothing fancy, just easy!


Thursday supper was supposed to put pulled beef sandwiches in homemade pita bread, but I forgot to roll the pita bread into pita shapes before I let it do its final rise… so it ended up being more like supper rolls that I flattened out.  I wasn’t paying attention to the directions good enough! I’ve made them before and they have worked fine. They still tasted alright and we just had them next to our beef instead.  The beef was another recipe from Pinterest that I added  extra spice to because what was supposed to be in it didn’t seem like enough! In general it was just a 2lb roast that went into the crockpot with cumin, cayenne, salt, all spice, onion, lots of garlic and a can of tomatoes and then some zucchini on top at the end. Nothing special but it was simple to make and it was tasty enough! We just had salad on the side with it.



Friday breakfast we had oatmeal and bacon! Kind of a weird combination but James hasn’t wanted to eat his eggs lately and I know he likes oatmeal so we mixed them together.  Our oatmeal today had apples, raisins, cinnamon and a bit of agave in it.  James liked it but I think a bit less than when I put brown sugar in it… it wasn’t as sweet as normal.


Lunch on Friday was more leftovers! The same rice we had earlier in the week was lunch again today.  This week was kind of weird because we had so many leftovers… usually we don’t have that much so James and I eat random lunches with things like carrot, sweet potato, peas, almonds and fruit… just sort of all on a plate to choose from.  This week we had a ton of actual lunches!


Lunch Friday was really really late so supper was sort of a bedtime snack for James just so he didn’t wake up hungry.  I don’t really care if he doesn’t want to eat one of his meals during the day… he knows when he is hungry, but at supper I like to try and find something he is willing to eat or that looks tasty and he wants to eat it… just so he has a fully belly for the night.  This meal he gave the leftover meat to the dog, devoured the grapefruit and ate half his sun butter sandwich.  This kid really loves grapefruit.

So there was our week in food! Kind of a strange week… we usually don’t eat so many tortillas and we usually don’t eat bacon during the week either… normally bacon (especially real bacon) is reserved for weekend mornings when Joe is home with us.  We also don’t usually have so many leftovers to eat up!

Snacks for the week included graham crackers (I’ve only bought them 2 or 3 times but James absolutely loves them), some cheerios, almonds, cashews, walnuts, carrots, apples, grapefruit, tortilla chips, pita bread with sunbutter, raisins, and a little bit of strawberry banana juice. I’m sure there is something else I’ve forgotten but those are the most common ones anyways!  James especially has a love for nuts and will often come out of the pantry carrying a bag of them and asking for some.  He does have a tendency to try and stuff as many as possible in his mouth though and then he can’t  chew very well so he ends up spitting them out so we have to give him just a couple at a time!  He also really loves his new Mickey Mouse vitamins, which are not a snack, but if you offer him one he will always accept.


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