Stamp Out Hunger 2015

James and I went out this morning and got a few things for the Stamp Out Hunger drive this year.  It is so easy to just put out food by the mailbox so we do this every year.  We spent roughly $25 for all of this food.  I tried to get a few things we have never donated before like spices.  I’m sure tons of people donate rice, beans, veggies and other staples but maybe they don’t get very many spices donated to make those staples extra tasty.  So we got several jars of spices.

We also got two containers of shelf-stable whole milk.  I had wanted to try and add some formula or baby food or something for toddlers because I can’t imagine what it feels like to not know how you’re going to feed your child but after looking online it seems like the main Stamp Out Hunger website specifically says not to donate those items (although many of the individual local websites DO say you can, so I’m still unclear whether it is allowed or not!) so to play it safe I skipped them and figured I could at least add a couple of the whole milk containers in and they can go to somebody who needs it whether it’s an adult or a family with a toddler or little kid who needs the milk.

This year I kind of tried to skip most of the processed foods too because I’m sure those are also pretty common donations.  It’s definitely hard to decide whether to donate more and purchase the cheaper packaged foods, or to donate less and buy more of the canned meats and milk and things like that so we did a mix.  I’m not sure what the preference is… I guess if I needed assistance I would take whatever I could get so in that respect any donation is better than none.  The packaged foods are also quick to prepare and need few extra ingredients and are easy for anyone who doesn’t know how to cook.  It doesn’t make a difference if a person gets a pound of dry beans if they don’t know how to cook them or turn them into something tasty to eat! On the other hand people who need assistance still deserve to eat good quality, less processed, fresh foods too and the ones who do like to cook or know how to cook might prefer to get the base ingredients and go from there on their own.  So who knows! I guess it’s good that we picked both kinds of food maybe… either way we did something, which is more than nothing.


James specifically picked out green beans and dried potatoes even though he has never had them before… he must have decided they looked tasty from the box! Saturday morning we’ll go out and he can help put the food at our mailbox too even though he won’t totally understand what is going on this year.  Hopefully the mail man picks it up!


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