Our Week in Review

We had a pretty fun week this week… here are some photos of things we did.  I’m hoping to remember to take more photos of our food next week so I can do a post on that since it has been awhile and soon I will do our yearly Day in the Life post but I’m not sure if it will be this weekend or one weekend in the next couple of weeks.  We will see!

Tuesday we borrowed the car from Joe and took Eleanor out for the first time in over a month.  Then in the afternoon we picked Joe up early so he could stay with James while I went to get my teeth cleaned. We had a bit of time to kill before picking Joe up so we went to a little trail and went hiking! I definitely didn’t put the best shoes on him for hiking but this is an easy, short trail and I asked him which shoes he wanted to wear and he selected these.  This trail is near where we lived in college and we used to take Buddy here walking all the time.





Mom and James selfie! We haven’t taken too many lately 🙂 This trail used to be really cute and nice but it has definitely gotten run down and sad since we used to live close by.  A lot of the trail info signs are ruined and unreadable and pieces of the trail edges are missing or out of places and on this particular bridge the entire board is unscrewed and just sitting there reading to fall or hit someone and there is a tiny piece missing with bare screws sticking out.  Luckily James didn’t hit it. I guess we won’t be going back here again soon… it’s disappointing to see it so run down.



Then one night I decided to make him a car castle because we have so many boxes! We buy a lot of our things from Amazon, plus we get monthly subscriptions from them too and we used to use Target subscriptions (but now I’ve canceled those because they were always canceling them on me and I’d have to go in and fix them. I got tired of it, so we just use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save now) so we had a lot of boxes from there too. I think he liked it! It was a surprise when he woke up anyways.




This next photo is actually from tonight.  James did not want to go to bed even though he was very tired so while I was pretending to be asleep he decided to read several books to himself before he gave in and closed his eyes.  He was reading about vehicles here.  This is one of his favourite books.  He figured out how to prop it up on his knees to read.  Super cute.


This week we did a bit more work cutting brush outside and then today I took down a bit more of the chicken coop.  We started (very slightly) working on the front yard.  Here are some before photos.  Our front yard is an absolute mess from plowing all winter.  I’m not sure the pictures even do it justice.

IMG_1123 IMG_1125 IMG_1127 IMG_1128

And finally… we did some fun painting! As part of our outside cleanup we decided to paint our bird feeder and suet feeder since they were getting really old and worn and ugly.  After the paint dried I sprayed a couple coats of clear varnish on them.  And then I actually broke the bird feeder while I was putting it back outside but a little bit of hot glue fixed it right back up! 🙂

IMG_1129 IMG_1130 IMG_1134 IMG_1135


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