Columbia’s Lifetime Warranty

Joe and I have had a number of Columbia brand jackets over the years…. I think if I can remember them all I’ve had at least 6 or 7 and Joe has had at least a few too! Most of them have been awesome but a few of them have had their zippers break.  I think I ended up getting rid of a couple of old ones with broken zippers (unfortunately!) but then in the past 6 months or so we had three different jackets break their zippers and I hung onto them thinking I would try to replace them myself or pay someone to replace them because our jackets were still really nice otherwise.

Then one day while I was thinking of how annoying it was that the zippers were all breaking, I looked it up online and discovered that it happens to a lot of people, not just us.  But then I also discovered that Columbia has a lifetime warranty on all of their products! I had no idea! I didn’t have high hopes but I filled out their form, spent something like $12.83 to ship all three of our jackets to them (the customer needs to pay shipping to ship the item(s) to the warranty department) and then waited. Sure enough! A couple weeks later I got an email that they had gotten our jackets and would let us know if they could either fix them or if they were going to send us replacements.  Then I got a second email saying they were unable to fix our jackets so they were sending us three brand new jackets to replace them!


Our jackets that came in the mail yesterday!  I paid less than $15 to ship them and we got $180 worth of brand new jackets back, unopened in their bags with the tags all on and everything.  I shipped a grey jacket of Joe’s and then a bright blue and bright purple one of mine.  I got back grey and bright pink… totally fine colours for me.  I think they picked one bright one since I sent two bright ones in and then a neutral one that most people would like and I like both colours.  Joe’s came back in black which is a nice neutral colour for him to wear which is nice since he wears his jackets to work a lot!


Definitely glad I discovered the lifetime warranty and super surprised at how easy it was and how well it turned out! I guess that is a good reason to keep getting Columbia brand… even though their zippers seem to break a lot they definitely stand behind their product and fix it up right!


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