Our Snowy Weeks Activities!

This week threw us a curveball and it got cold again and we had snow for a few days.  Not a ton of snow, but one day it didn’t even melt much and then another morning we would up to a full ground cover but by the end of the day it was gone too.  Now as of this weekend we are back to sunny and ‘warm’ with temps in the 40’s.

Most of the week was spent indoors but yesterday I did mange to get a tiny bit of work done outside while Joe and James were inside and then today all three of us spent time outside doing work.  I finished the spot behind the house up, all except for a super annoying stump which I may or may not remove.  If we end up using the spot for something then I will take the time to remove it, but if we just leave it cleared and let grass grow there then I will leave it.

Today I did some more work on the disaster of brush and little scrubby trees across from the house and Joe came up front and helped me for awhile with the chain saw and cut down a bunch of trees too thick for me to cut down by hand.  Then while I cleared most of that up he went to the back and started clearing up all of the trees he cut down a couple weekends ago.  I threw most of my brush in a ravine we have just behind the house.  It doesn’t look amazing if you go to the edge and look down but it isn’t like we actually use the ravine for anything really (our old septic tank is down there, plus our basement drains into that ravine and we have an old root cellar/dug out thing down there too) so by next spring the snow will have flattened out all the brush and it will be fine!  A tiny bit of my brush and then all of Joe’s (except for the large pieces he cut into firewood) made it into a huge brush pile that will get burned sometime.  Joe also fixed the wheel barrow for me because it had a very flat tire!

IMG_1117I should have taken a before photo because it doesn’t actually look clear yet, bu compared to the before photo it is so much better! There are still some trees/branches I need to haul out of there but then that big tree that fell over will still be there.  That is the tree that almost fell on our house a couple months after we moved in. Now it offers shelter and a place to play for a lot of wildlife.

IMG_1118Behind the house, nice and clear.  We might put a fenced in area back here for the dog so she can go in and out anytime she wants.  I’ve been pricing kennel panels and concrete but they can get pretty pricey pretty fast.  We are still undecided. Probably won’t happen this year, but you never know.  Either way, it’s a big 8 x 11 foot space that is not free of rubble and not trashy looking.


Trash pile, brush pile and scrap metal pile.  Plus a dog and a semi-view of some of the cleared space Joe made.

IMG_1120A little bit better view of what Joe cleared.  I should get into a better habit of taking before photos because it has really made a big difference.

Here are some of our inside activities from this week…


Last weekend I decided to make a playdough volcano for James.  He was not impressed at all. Not one bit.  So we scrapped that after a few minutes and got out the cornstarch to mix with the leftover vinegar volcano water and we made a weird slimy sort of play dough and played for a long time.

IMG_1088 IMG_1089


Early in the week we added a small table to the side of the kitchen, right underneath his days of the week and weather charts, and made it a sort of ‘discovery center.’ Not that he can’t discover wherever he is but I put some fun sorts of things on there for him to explore.  There was the leftover cornstarch play dough and then later in the week there was different leftover dough (which is in the picture), a bead/bottle shaker, a texture activity, my camera case with zippers and a buckle (he has no interest in this right now though), and a basket full of containers for him to open and close.



This is a close up of his texture activity. I just found a bunch of textures around the house from several fabrics, sand paper, a rubber exercise band, metal/sparkly pipe cleaners, a giant fluffy/soft pipe cleaner, wood and a kitchen sponge… and then glued them onto a piece of cardboard.


James played with the open/close basket a lot more than I expected him to. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for different containers he can practice with.




This activity might be a fail. I saw it online and got the supplies and thought it would be so cute.  It is supposed to be a little flip book activity with the alphabet but I think I bought rings that are too big because with 3 x 5 notecards and a normal 3-hole punch the holes end up too high making the flash cards too long to fit in the frame without trimming them.  I will probably try again and see if I can buy some flash cards… but for now James didn’t have any interest at looking at the photos either (although to be fair, my drawing skills are absolutely terrible so I don’t blame him). Bummer!

IMG_1099 IMG_1103

Not particularly an activity but I caught James standing on his rocking horse. Apparently the kid wants to be a rodeo clown or something like that!


Friday we made some silky soft play dough by mixing a bunch of corn starch and super cheap hair conditioner together to make a soft gooey dough.

IMG_1106 IMG_1107

I thought it would mix up easy but it was really sticky until the dough was fully mixed.  Totally trashed the counter and then we trashed the floor and kitchen too but James had a lot of fun.

IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_1114

Yesterday James and I went to a consignment sale in the morning to look for some shorts for him and maybe a few things for fall.  We did find two pairs of shorts and a long sleeve top for fall and then we came home with a cute little pair of crocs and two toys (a train and a truck).  The crocs are definitely worn and slightly too big but for 50 cents I figured they would be fun for playing in and they might even fit him next summer to! the toys are pretty nice too and for $3 it doesn’t even matter if they aren’t perfect! I wish we would have found some more clothes for him but the sale was largely girls things and then the boys tables were up to 18 months and then 4t/5t.  I get the feeling that maybe toddlers in 2t/3t get so dirty that a lot of their clothes aren’t salvageable!

Now this afternoon we are all inside and clean and just hanging out and relaxing, watching T.V. and playing.  Joe rolled his ankle pretty good yesterday on his run, it is pretty swollen, so he is skipping his weekly swim today.  This evening we are having some sort of tofu/chicken dish that sounds pretty tasty but I’m not exactly sure what it is yet!  I keep thinking I should do a weeks worth of our meals post because I haven’t posted our food much lately.  I will try to remember to do that!


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