Happy Anniversary House!

Yesterday was our house anniversary! I actually totally forgot too except Joe’s uncle reminded us (Thank you!). I think I’ve remembered most other years but my blog has been mostly taken over by James now and I just didn’t remember yesterday.  We are all also pretty sick right now so that didn’t help either.

We’ve officially lived in our house for 6 years now! We went from a dog and a cat to 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 birds and almost 80 chickens for awhile and now back down to one dog, 3 cats, a bird, a rabbit, no chickens and a baby!  We’ve taken down walls, rearranged rooms, added a new roof, a new septic system, and made slight progress on our property by filling in an old well and taking down one of many old buildings.  We also had half of our pole barn collapse and our other barn is also caving in.  We have tried gardening and have installed all the posts for a horse fence.  Our mail box has been officially hit 3 times now and we finally got somebody to plow our snow this winter which made winter a little bit more bearable, especially for Joe who was the one snowblowing for hours every week!

Right now we are still working on our living room remodel project.  I don’t have much in the way of pictures of our house but I did take one of the floor now.  Joe worked on it last weekend and during the week to start covering and fixing the gap in the floor.  Our kitchen floor will extend over the gap and then there will be a tiny step down into the living room. Since none of our floors are even or level Joe had to make the new part uneven too so it would actually be even with the current floors! So far it is working nice and we just need a bit more wood to match the final floor level and then some trim to finish it off…We have a ton of extra matching kitchen floor tiles which we will use then to make it look nice!



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