Our Week and Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Our family had a pretty low-key day today here at home.  I have had a nasty cold for the past 10 days or so and I think the last couple days James hasn’t been feeling good… and now finally last night he had a really high fever and then again through today.  I measured his temperature when he woke up this morning and it was way over 102 before he yanked it away and wouldn’t let me finish.  He had fun with his Easter basket and did a quick egg hunt with Joe helping him find eggs but then he took a good nap and spent a lot of the afternoon just snuggled in my lap watching a movie…. which he never does!

Now he is in bed (I’m in his bed, he is sleeping next to me for now) but he has already woken up several times and he hasn’t even been asleep two and a half hours yet.  Joe ran to the store tonight for me too and picked up a temporal thermometer, new nose bulb sucker, juice, oyster crackers that James likes and some more Tylenol and baby saline nose spray. Hopefully that will last us and he will feel better soon!

Here is our week in review and pictures of today!

20150401_141514James lovin’ on his dog.


Gearing up for Easter, we decorated James with some Easter Egg stickers this day.  We were supposed to be matching them but he didn’t care about that…it was more fun sticking them to his shirt. In case you’re wondering why he is often wearing this shirt and no pants in his photos… We use this as a sleep shirt and often our fun activities happen in the morning right after breakfast and before we get dressed for the day 🙂 So he really does wear other clothes and pants regularly!


James got Easter packages in the mail this week from both sets of grandparents.  In the box from my family they sent up my old rocking horse, Neddy, too. Not too shabby for over 30 years old!


One of our fun activities this week. I cut out a bunny and an egg shape (Yea I know my bunny is lame) and then covered them with glue and then James got to decorate them with tissue paper.



We also took several walks and James learned how to push his stroller over to the door, climb into it, and unlock the door. Good skill to learn I guess.


Tuesday we went to the Tree House to play inside with a bunch of other kids… he had a lot of fun! And Wednesday we attempted to go to our very first Story Time at the local library but it was apparently canceled because of spring break week… even though their website and their front door both had it listed on their schedule and a lot of people showed up for it.  So James played with a few toys and explored for a bit before we went home.


One of our walks we used our Tula instead of the stroller and we went up the hill instead of down it into Dollar Bay. The Tula was harder to use during the winter because of our coats but now that it is warming up we will use it more often.  James also spent a lot of today in it while he was feeling sick.


I ordered some cones to use for obstacle courses and activities so we got those out a couple of times and ran around them. Sorry James is a blur… he was getting into it!


James modeling his new apron with little moose all over it!


Doing some nice outside exploring. Someday the snow will be gone. Someday. And then we have plans for a sandbox!


Taking a snooze! I snuck out for this nap. He was not happy with me when he woke up and I was missing.


James’ Easter Basket Party Tub. I still haven’t decided what I want to use as his permanent basket… I might weave one, might order one… I was going to buy a blue one from Wal-Mart that I saw the other day, it was nice but nothing special, except I waited too long and they were all gone. So I saw these party tubs in their summer display and went with it! So it looks kind of empty but only because it is gigantic! James got a new book, a set of barn yard animals, some Sprout cereal snacks that he likes, some play dough, a treasure box/bug catcher and some fun things from his grandparents!


He also got to find a bunch of Easter Eggs.  There was one giant egg that held a new long sleeve Carhartt truck shirt (he wore it today but his nose dripped all over it so I never got a good photo of it) and then smaller eggs with homemade chocolate/peanut butter cups, jelly beans, little boxes of raisins and 8 of them had little tiny Thomas the Train Engines in them… those were his favourites.


Joe helped James find all his eggs and get them open. He had fun even though he wasn’t feeling so well.


Joe was working on the floor today so the rugs that normally cover the weird, uneven spots were gone and James was a little hesitant to step over them. He has been crawling, walking and running over this for months and months but it looked different without the rugs so he needed a bit of reassurance for awhile!



And last off some sick baby, sad pictures! Hopefully tomorrow is better!



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