Our Weeks Activities and Updates

Back again today for some more updates.  We had a couple days of snow this week which set us back a bit on the spring front. We only went out for walks on Monday and Tuesday and then today all four of us (Joe, James, Cora and I) went out together for our first fully family walk of the season! James and I went out shopping on our own Wednesday without our friend Eleanor and I got to go to the gym Tuesday night after James was in bed.  Joe has started on his swimming training now along with the running and biking… hopefully it will warm up eventually so he can get some open water swimming in.  Joe also took his ham radio license test today and passed the first one and there are two other additional tests he might take to get all of the licenses although I think he officially only needs the one license for his work.

Our first activity this week, and I think James’ favourite was a packing peanut sensory box.  It was fun but seeing all those packing peanuts all over the floor gave me a little bit of anxiety!


It started off contained but then it got crazy pretty quick….


James experimented with gravity but throwing peanuts out of the box.


Then we decided the original box was too small so we upgraded to a better box choice and got out some scoops and tongs and things to add to the fun.



James tried to lay down in them, and sampled them on his feet…


And then he accidentally discovered wind! There were so many packing peanuts all over the floor and he bumped the box flap and sent them flying. How exciting! I never would have thought of that lesson and he figured it out on his own. We spent a lot of time then putting peanuts over the side and flapping the box to make them spin all over the floor.


Later we decided to match and organize the tupperware cupboard. Since then James has emptied it several times and it is no longer organized because he discovered the cupboard is the coolest hideout ever.


Later in the week we did some painting with plastic Easter eggs.


Our finished product!


We haven’t taken as many James and mom selfies lately but we did take one one morning to make him feel better after he smacked his head on the floor. Ouch.


Yesterday James made us an impromptu activity… I took Cora outside real quick and when I came back inside he had shoved himself into the corner between two shelves.  I specifically blocked off this corner and attached the shelves together so he wouldn’t go back there but he crammed himself through the side of the shelves and went for it.  He must have seen Pinga going back there. He was perfectly happy and did not want to come out!




The same day as the shelf incident we had an even larger incident later after naptime.  I have a nice cold this week with a sore throat and everything thanks either to the gym or the indoor playground so I took a nap with James and then when we woke up I was laying in his bed dozing while he went out into the hallway with some trucks to play.  A few minutes later as I was getting up he came back in and handed me a toy covered in peanut butter.  He had peanut butter for lunch but I swore I had wiped him clean…and then I realized it wasn’t peanut butter. It was dog poop.

Cora wasn’t feeling well and had had an accident in the hallway outside of James’ room while we napped and James had found it. And then touched it. And then drove two toys through it…. stepped in it, smeared it all over and tracked it into the sun room and his bedroom before handing me a poop covered toy and getting poop all over his bedding and our clothes. Thank goodness I don’t think he put any in his mouth. Ugh. So he had to be stripped down and put into the tub, once he was clean I put him downstairs with a snack and a cartoon while I changed, scrubbed the floors, stripped the beds in his room and the sunroom and cleaned everything up. Yuck! Hopefully we never, ever repeat that particular activity!

This morning we had a more tame experience! We made some bowls of egg dye and dyed some eggs! I only hard boiled 6 thinking James might not like it but he had a total blast! Both his and my hands ended up a nice shade of green, similar to most of our eggs, but it was still fun! Plus I was worried it would make a gigantic mess but James didn’t tip or spill a single bowl!

20150328_080158 20150328_080850 20150328_081642

Overall it was a pretty normal week around here! James and I skipped a couple activities I thought we might do, but maybe next week we will do them.  I also made him a homemade button chain but he didn’t love it so I’ll share about that some other day, he might like it when he is a bit older! We also had a toy switch out this morning so now we’ve got ‘new’ toys and fun stuff to play with.  I’m not sure who likes toy switch out day better… James or me!

James has had very limited dairy for the past several weeks.  He wasn’t supposed to have any but there were a couple of oops exposures to dairy but none at all for almost a week now from either him eating it or me eating it and (I hate to jinx it) but the past two nights he has slept for just about 7 hours by himself before calling for me! And the night before that he woke up twice but then slept the next 6 or so without waking up! That is huge for him. He hasn’t slept 7 hours in a row since he was like 3 months old. He has also taken 2 hour naps the past few days too and today his nap was an hour and a half and all by himself. We’ll have to see how it goes and if the trend continues or if we just got a couple of lucky days!


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