Fun and Activities of the Week

Here is my promised post updating from the last week! We’ll start with things I have pictures for… I’ve been sort of bad on the picture front lately but I did take a few.


Our baby likes sriracha.  We eat it a lot so I guess it only makes sense he wants to eat it too.  He also likes to sample food from other peoples’ bowls and test out their silverware to make sure it is all in working order.

20150315_181237 20150316_170125

James really likes chickpeas for a snack.


Sleepy baby! One of the few naps I managed to sneak away from him for.  Usually I lay down and snuggle him so he sleeps better but this day I was planning on doing some things around the house so I snuck away after a little bit.


Cora had an accident and this was James’ way of helping me clean it up.  He unrolled the entire rest of the roll of paper towels just to make sure we had enough.


We made James a dinosaur hat one morning and he ran around like a crazy man with the dog for awhile.  This was post oatmeal breakfast so he had to take his jammies off… he is a very enthusiastic oatmeal eater.

20150318_093601 20150318_093704 20150318_162159

Getting some fresh air outside.  His little car thing doesn’t roll well on our crumbly, cracked pavement… so he decided to carry it. And then mom got stuck carrying it.


James loves to try on other people’s shoes.  He was walking around in my slippers this day.  Often he will try to wear Joe’s shoes or lately he has been wanting to wear his new little sandals.  I found him a pair of gently used baby Keen sandles on Ebay and they are blue with little red cars on them so he is pretty happy with them.


James he-manned this pressure gate out of the door way one morning too.  I tried to take a shower by myself while he played a few feet away behind the gate (there is a hallway, our two bedrooms and our sunroom back there) but he was pretty angry with me for taking a bath without him… so he forced his way free and I had to go get him.


And finally some more outside time! James enjoying sitting on our porch steps and we even got the soccer ball out to kick around in the snow.  We have been taking daily walks to Dollar Bay and then spending time outside in the afternoon just wandering and exploring the yard.



Lastly, a photo of our lunch from today.  Joe made us a version of Scotch eggs.  These are pickled eggs surrounded with Mexican chorizo and then a panko crust. Yum! They were very tasty and we all liked them. Joe also made us ‘fat free’ macaroni and cheese yesterday, it uses some cauliflower and then a technique to take the cheese flavour out of the cheese but leave all the solids separate.  And then homemade bread as well.  Tomorrow we are having homemade pizza made by Joe too 🙂

Other than all of our pictured activities we have mostly been playing here at home and trying to get outside as often as possible.  Even Cora has been ready to get outside and she has been going on walks with us to Dollar Bay every day.  We’ve had a bunch of tasty food and we have taken two trips to the Tree House this past week (a local indoor play place) so James has gotten to play with a bunch of kids and fun toys and he even went down a slide on his own for the very first time!


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