It’s pretty much spring around here now.  I know it is supposed to get colder again and I am sure we will still see some more snow… but a ton of snow has finally melted, we can see a few patches of pavement and our front yard, where it was plowed, is now mud so there is an end in sight to winter.

We’ve been getting out for a lot more walks lately, last Thursday we went out for about 7 miles! And we’ve been playing outside in the afternoons almost everyday.  Finding puddles and exploring the yard, sometimes with Cora and sometimes just by ourselves.  Cora always goes on the walks with us though.

Last week Joe was in New Mexico for a couple of days.  He left on Tuesday and came back late Thursday night so James and I were on our own briefly.  We kept busy though with several trips into town to go shopping including once with our friend Eleanor.  We also had a play date here at our house where James and another little boy got out every toy and half the kitchen for two hours.  They had a ton of fun! We even cleaned out the car and went through the car wash while Joe was gone and it was the first time James didn’t cry going through it.  Then Thursday night when Joe came home we went to the airport and James got to see the plane driving around (we didn’t get to see it landing though but it was dark anyways and would have been hard to see) and then he was SO excited to see Joe when he spotted him getting off the plane!

Here are a handful of pictures from the past few days.  Now that it is getting nice out I’ll have to remember to try getting some more photos of outside and all the fun stuff we are going to do.


James was cowboy riding his toy dinosaur and Cora was a little bit confused.


We made a homemade colour wheel to start learning a few colours.

20150312_163356 20150312_180101

Sleepy baby. I know this was on Thursday but I can’t remember if we had just had lunch and he was messy so he ended up naked or if we had just come inside from playing in the puddles and that is why he was naked for awhile.


Pointing out all the trucks he could see out the door at the airport, waiting for dad to land.


James helping me make some peanut butter oatmeal balls.  I had a couple cups of steel cut oats to use up because I do not like them like regular old-fashioned oats but I didn’t want to waste them.  So we stuck them with peanut butter, raisins, flax seed and honey and turned it all into little snack balls coated with unsweetened coconut flakes on the outside.  Didn’t turn out too bad for just making it up.

20150313_103615 20150313_112449 20150313_112453

James having some water play fun in the kitchen. He had a bowl of ice, a bowl of warm, soap water and an empty bowl with a sponge in it.  Plus a couple scoops and a whisk.  It was all fun and games until I was cleaning up the living room and I heard a lot of water being poured right onto the kitchen floor.  So that was the end of that! We had a lesson in soaking up water with the blanket and towels and then moved on to the next activity 🙂



James got stuck in the chair after our family nap yesterday! He sits on it and then tries to climb out the back but can’t figure out how to bend down and get his head out.


James from today, playing outside with his car and splashing in the puddles!



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