Fun Activities!

We had a nice weekend with some fun family time and then we had a calm day yesterday before a busy day today and tomorrow!

Over the weekend we did some family errands and had at least one good family nap.  We also took James to see some snowmobiles at Joe’s work for a Clean Snowmobile Competition. I think James had fun for a little bit but it was really windy so even though the temperature was warmer it felt really cold.  Plus we kept falling into the snow while we walked so he couldn’t really move around easy either.  But, it was still fun to see some of the sleds competing!

20150307_103245 20150307_103249

The little green and blue hat in front there is James 🙂

Yesterday James and I stayed here at home but we had a nice day doing some spring cleaning and finishing up organizing the last area we had wanted to clean out so now everything is so clean and organized and we have a gigantic pile of things for a rummage sale in the spring!

Today James and I dropped Joe off at work and then we went to the dump and did a bit of grocery shopping.  James took a nice car nap on the way home so I let him sleep while I put the groceries away.  Then we had lunch with Joe and had a fun play date this afternoon with some new friends of ours.  A little boy named Simon and his mama Deanna (who we met through our vet’s office… she works there) came over and we played for a few hours.

I was worried James would not share very well but he did fantastic! He was friendly and he played nicely with Simon…. handing him a few toys and they shared their snacks with each other and in general played with/around each other without much fuss! It was so nice! Simon is an adorable little guy (who is almost exactly 2 months younger than James) and his mom is a really nice lady so it was fun for them to come over. Maybe a few more months and they will interact and entertain each other better!  When it was time to go James even tried to help put Simon’s shoes on (he can’t even put his own shoes on but he likes to try and walk around in Joe’s or my shoes!) and waved Good Bye.

As a side note…. I was checking out at the store today and turned to talk to James in the cart and he was waving and I looked in the direction he was looking and he was waving to a little boy in another cart who was waving back! Super cute! What a fun age!


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