Montessori-esque Toddler Room

James’ room got another makeover today! We switched out his changing table for some little drawers and added a few things.  Plus his bed and toys got swapped to different walls because he was waking Joe up at night being right on the opposite side of the wall from our bed.

I like a lot of the Montessori ideas and ways they do things so we incorporated some things into James’ room (along with our other activities).  I don’t think it would actually be considered Montessori but it has that feel about it a little bit.


James bed got moved to a perfect location for Cora to lounge and see out the window to watch cars on the highway.  In the winter at least, in the summer the leaves will block her view.  She was pretty happy about this move.


The opposite side of the room, which shares a wall with our bedroom, is now for getting dressed and playing.


I saw some really cute ideas for toddler Montessori furniture from Ikea but I didn’t want to spend several hundred dollars on some shelves that we would only use for a few years.  These are just little $20 plastic drawers. James picked between blue and green and liked green better so we got them. The drawers are labeled pants, shirts and socks/pajama and there is a little bucket on top for some diapers and wipes.  He was almost at the weight limit for the changing table anyways and as a bonus we don’t need to secure this furniture to the wall because if it tips over it won’t crush him… so that’s nice!

We also added some little train hooks and I lowered his truck picture to his eye level for him to look at it better.  There is a new mirror on the left there, along with his basket of hats, so he can watch himself and see how he looks etc.  That mirror is super heavy but I have it hanging on a hook rated for 100lb so I think it should be good 🙂 It is the perfect James size and he spent time this afternoon trying on different sunglasses.  That little basket to the right is a tiny hamper. He has a larger laundry basket but his clothes are so small I changed it out for this for now.


On the other side he has his alphabet poster, a little music station, a couple different kinds of building blocks, a tool table with additional hats for trying on, a basket of stuffed animals and blankets, and a little backpack filled with miscellaneous trucks and cars that he loves to play with.


The bed side of his room looks like this now.  The only thing I don’t like is the placement of the bed near the windows. I’ve got both sets of blinds up high now and won’t use them because that isn’t safe, especially when he can climb up to the windows easier from the bed or table.  I also need to get window locks for his room, but I was going to do that anyways.  Otherwise it works well!


He was pretty excited to see train cars on his walls.  He pointed to them all afternoon and I had to tell him not to yank them off the wall!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon sorting through and organizing all of his future clothes and toys and tried to narrow it down a bit since we have so much stuff and are running out of room! James helped me pick his favourites and had fun playing in boxes and discovering tons of new toys!


2 thoughts on “Montessori-esque Toddler Room

  1. ooh! I love it! I’ve been trying to Montessori-fy my house more and more, too, but we still haven’t taken the plunge on the floor bed. Remind me to send pictures sometime.

    • Definitely send pictures, I’d love to see! You always have good ideas! So far his room is working well except he still wakes up roughly every 2.5-4.5 hours. He has just recently started trying to put himself back to bed but it doesn’t work yet so he always tries to come find me. I still have to lay down with him for most naps too, at least until he is asleep and I always end up in his bed for the second half of the night… which I figured would happen and is a big reason for getting him a full size bed right away! His drawers work though (some days he likes to help pick clothes and other days he doesn’t care so I just do it) and he totally loves checking himself out in the mirror!

      Our kitchen snack box that I tried did not work very well. It took too much room in the fridge and he doesn’t really know what all his options are yet. It’s easier for me to just give him a couple things and let him pick what he eats. Maybe when he is older on that one!

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