Activity Fails and a Baby with his Dog

After my last post all about having a very good day… we’ve now had several total failed activities, plus one rough night and a rough morning this morning! This morning I was so crabby Joe sent me to do errands by myself for a little bit and then I came home much happier! I had to pick up some more contacts and dog food and I wanted to drop off a small box at the consignment store too so I was only gone a little over an hour but it was nice to get out of the house by myself for a little bit!

This afternoon then we had a super nice family nap and James woke up from that a lot happier and we spent the afternoon playing around the house while Joe made us homemade spaghetti and meatballs for supper.

Pictures from the last several days…


We woke up a couple mornings ago and James was wide awake and happy. I went to get dressed and came back to find him in this chair with three of his fire trucks!


Activity Fail.  Dying pasta was a good idea, and letting James put pasta into the bucket through holes was a good idea… but the pasta itself caused problems. If you notice right underneath James there is a large pile of broken pasta.  That’s because James kept sticking them in his front teeth and cracking them apart like nuts and then spitting them onto the floor :-/ Fail. I put the pasta away… we will try again in a few months!


This wasn’t actually a fail but it wasn’t much of an activity either.  I was trying to keep him busy one night while I was getting supper ready so I gave him some scoops and a cookie sheet and a bowl full of rice.  I thought he might transfer them from the bowl to the cookie sheet, but mostly he transferred all the rice to the floor and then got bored after kicking it around with his feet for awhile.


Another fail… I thought we would make a race track on the floor and then I ran out of electrical tape and couldn’t find any other tape that would work..  James was confused.


Once the race track failed I decided to go all out and get out the bouncy house. James thought it was awesome when I brought the bag and pump downstairs.  He thought it was awesome when I unrolled it and he could swish around on the fabric.  Then I turned it on and blew it up and all the awesomeness flew out the window and into the cold! 🙂 James had no desire to go in it… I think because it reminds him of a crib or playpen and he absolutely hates being contained like that.  So I climbed in myself, just barely, and finally coaxed him inside with me but then he was scared of the bounciness/unevenness that he refused to get off my lap or stop clinging to me.


Not impressed mom. Bummer. Once I turned it off and started deflating it the whole thing got all awesome again and even Cora had fun pouncing the air out of it..  I left it downstairs thinking we could maybe try again over the weekend when Joe is home.  This same day we also did a sponge/water activity but it mostly just ended up with water on the floor and James’ socks turning purple… I didn’t take pictures.


Also not an activity but I think I forgot to post this a few days ago.  I did some rearranging in the kitchen and emptied out this drawer for James.  It used to hold trash bags, cling wrap and that kind of thing but James kept pulling everything out anyways so I moved all of that and turned this into his drawer where he can get out his own cups, plates and utensils (except his baby knives which are not accessible to him yet) and then there is a bunch of stuff for activities in here too.  He has his own rolling pin, measure cups, several tongs and a colander that we will use for fun stuff.

And here are a bunch of photos from after nap today! James and I rearranged our bedroom (our as in Joe and I) and moved the crib away from the bed and put our furniture back to more normal conditions.  James has his own bed now and if he needs us either he can sleep in the middle between us or I can sleep in his bed with him which I’ve done for parts of many nights now.  James woke up from our family nap in a very good mood! He went right out to his bedroom and came back with a bunch of trucks to play with (I asked him to get me a book to read him but he brought trucks… book, truck.. kinda close sounding or he just didn’t want to read anyways).  He then proceeded to sit and play with Cora for several minutes and it was pretty cute!

20150228_135708 20150228_140231 20150228_140244 20150228_140314 20150228_140317 20150228_151528

And then we came downstairs to finish our race track! Or more like a city with roads I guess and a little parking lot for some of his cars. He also decided the barn was a parking garage and we ended up with like 4 times as many cars out to play with.  I had to switch to painters tape because the store I went to didn’t have black electrical tape like I was using. James doesn’t seem to mind although it bugs me a bit that it’s so uneven!


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