A Very Good Day

Somehow we totally nailed it today… everything (so far, knock on wood/throw some salt etc.) has been super good!  We had a rough night last night so I thought James would be grumpy today but he woke up in a good mood, then he was a total trooper through several errands both with and without our friend Eleanor… we went to the dump, two different banks, the grocery store, Shopko, McDonalds and to get Joe lunch.  We also dropped off our water bill and then dropped off groceries before trading the car with Joe and dropping off his lunch.  James was mildly fussy in the cart because he wanted to walk but otherwise we didn’t have a single meltdown and he fell asleep in the car for a little nap on the way home! And even Eleanor was in a good mood!

Then we had a nice afternoon here at home!  James and I did two craft projects, dyed pasta for other craft projects, made a big tunnel fort thing in the living room, he had a good lunch and some snacks, we set up a ‘hat try on’ station in his room and my Godfather mailed us surprise cookies in the mail!  Some cat did throw up on the couch and it was right in the middle between two cushions and I just washed all the covers a couple of weeks ago but that was the worst thing to happen today and it cleaned up easy enough! James refused an afternoon nap but stayed in a fantastic mood until right around supper time when he was getting hungry and tired but even then he managed to sit at the table until I was finished (Joe is out at a steakhouse with clients tonight!) and then he perked up enough to play for a bit and read some books.  And then magically he fell asleep within 5 minutes from when we laid down and didn’t put up much fuss to go to bed!

Now James is in bed, and I’m doing some laundry and watching some T.V. while I do work on my computer.  If James sleeps good tonight it might just be one of the best days ever! Hopefully tomorrow doesn’t pay us back…


A double fort, tunnel thing in the living room today.  James and Chloe had a blast in it for a long, long time.


Our new ‘hat station’ in James’ room.  I’d like to get him a full size mirror at some point when I come across one but for now this one works so he can see himself.  Both his grandpas wear hats and James has really taken to them lately so I found a selection of hats and let him try them on and check himself out.  He has 3 different construction hats, several different winter hats (both adult and child sizes), a bike helmet and a summer hat to try on.  He also has sunglasses because he likes to see himself wearing glasses too.  How fun!




Our two craft activities for the day.  A day of the week sign so we can learn the days of the week and a weather sign so we can identify weather each morning!  Someday I will lower them to his level (or I guess he will grow to this level) but for now it is just out of his reach so he doesn’t rip them down.


We also dyed some rigatoni to use for craft activities. The colours are similar because I reused/slightly changed the mix so I could do two batches and get more from the rubbing alcohol I bought.  It worked pretty good.


And some pre-supper driving with a bucket hat on.  Crazy man.



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