Toddler Snack Choice Box and Some Meals

While we were gone I had some good chances to browse Pinterest and find some new and exciting things to try out here once we got home!  I have had a Pinterest account for awhile but I never used it until a couple of weeks ago… I can see how people like it! I’ve found a number of fun activities, tasty recipes and cool looking random things to try!


Here is our new snack box for the fridge! It’s got lots of healthy good options for James to pick from for his snacks.  He doesn’t totally get it yet but he is learning.  So far he has picked a couple of bananas, raisins and a yogurt.  It also works well when I’m preparing his lunch because things are already cut so I can grab them easier.  Besides bananas, raisins, and yogurt this box also has cherry tomatoes, red pepper slices, carrots, grapefruit, peanut butter, hummus, an apple and a tangelo that he selected himself from the grocery store.  This is one of the Pinterest ideas and it actually came from Joe’s cousin who has a toddler a week older than James… and she is very good at finding super cute/fun toddler things on Pinterest!


This was not a Pinterest idea but we got these fun train hooks while we were gone and I updated James’ coat area.  Today I asked him to get his boots and then find his coat and he brought me his boots and then showed me where his coat was.  We have two more hooks I am going to use upstairs in his room.


Last night we had a southwestern salad with a cilantro lime dressing which turned out pretty good. James helped me cook by rearranging the entire kitchen and bringing a number of his toys into the room to play with too.  He must have thought I would be lonely! 🙂 Oh… except the giant cat sprawled on the floor, she is real, and she put herself there.

20150223_180942 20150224_092327

This morning I made James some oatmeal for breakfast and I asked him to go sit down where he wanted to eat… I meant either at his small kitchen table or at the big dining room table.  Instead, James pulled over his little Elmo chair to a tote filled with blocks and sat down in front of it making up his own table! I went with it because technically he followed directions and I wasn’t very specific… and it was pretty darn cute.  So he ate there and was pretty happy about it… he ate almost  his whole bowl of oatmeal plus most of his raisins.  Win for everybody!


Supper tonight was a chicken alfredo bake with roast tomato and broccoli and some bread.  James nibbled a bunch of broccoli and ate half his bread and then ‘hid’ them in his water cup when he was finished with them.  Poor baby is going to have to come up with a better hiding place in the future!  I think he was actually just storing them there because he pulled them out later and ate some more.


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