10 Day Trip

We had our first day home today and back to normal (although very busy with grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning etc.) after a 10 day vacation to see both our families in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We had a good time… saw some extended family, did some shopping, visited some friends etc.  It was the longest trip we have ever taken and we definitely missed Cora and our other animals but it was still nice to get away from home for a bit and spend some time as a family!

Here are some photos from our trip…Minnesota first!


James and his Uncle Sam checking out a Valentine’s balloon (yes James is in Christmas jammies)


Watching Uncle Sam at his gymnastics meet


Checking out the stadium from a baby’s point of view.  Don’t ask me why James was crawling here, he spent most of his time running, and then his second cousins decided to keep him company!


James with Grandpa and Great Grandma after our Valentine’s supper.  James was already enjoying naked baby time.


Checking out a lamp that he was fascinated by.


Watching gymnastics and climbing on his Uncle’s practice mushroom with Grandma (more Christmas jammies!)


James woke up and rolled over to his new fire truck and then fell back asleep.  He loves his trucks!


Having some quiet time with Dad and his Uncle Dog Walter


Checking out an indoor playground

And on to Wisconsin!


Helping Dad put together a new race track from his other Grandma and Grandpa


I tried to make him a fun activity from Pinterest.  He was not impressed.


Having supper with Ben and Rowan two babies close to James’ age from two of my friends (they are 2-3 months older)


Checking out Neddy, my rocking horse from almost 30 years ago


Grandma and Grandpa trying to get Neddy’s tail off to wash it!


A grumpy baby goodbye… James was ready for a nap and we were just about to get into the car to head home.


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