Activities and Updates

Starting a new week off today! I’ve got a cold, although it is mostly going away now.  James has had either a cold/illness or his teeth are really bothering him because he has been really out of sorts for a few days and had a really high fever at the end of last week.  And now Joe just came down with the cold too and he is feeling pretty miserable! We are a sharing kind of family.

Joe made us really tasty food all weekend including ribs with cauliflower in bechemel sauce and lime/bananas for dessert yesterday and then tonight we had cactus paddles in our supper! Once they were all cut up and cooked they reminded me a lot of green beans!  Of all the things we can’t find in the stores up here and we randomly found fresh(ish) cactus paddles!

Here are a handful of photos from the past few days!


James and I did some more excavating with another frozen block of bugs.  This time James had yellow water… which looked pretty gross when he dumped it all over that white blanket.  He did get all the bugs free before dumping the bucket in his grand finale.


Saturday we ran a few quick errands and James wasn’t feeling too hot so I thought he might like to ride this Bob the Builder ride at Wal-Mart on the way out.  It sang a song to him and jiggled a bit like he was driving.  I swear he liked it (or didn’t hate it anyways) but he looks so serious in this picture.  I think he was ready to go home.


James seemed to feel better yesterday for the most part but then today was rough again.  He was not letting me out of his reach this morning and mostly cried whenever I had to set him down.  I think he would have been happy if I had just sat on the couch with him and not moved an inch!  So to try and do something fun to make him feel better we made some blue and red play dough and then spent a good 45 minutes squishing it and rolling his trucks through it and making ramps and loading his trucks up with little ‘rocks’, ‘dirt’ etc.  His first time with play dough and he had a lot of fun.


(Just a disclaimer, it looks like he has a giant bruise on his cheek but he does not… it’s just leftover jelly from the breakfast he ate right before this! It was also smeared down his leg, in his hair and across the front of the dishwasher!)


This afternoon we took a nice long walk in Dollar Bay with the dog.  It was only in the 20’s but James was bundled and had a nice blanket.  It was bright and sunny out so we couldn’t pass up the ‘nice’ day.  He enjoyed his walk and when we got home the mail man had left him a package from his cousins in Delaware! They made him this nice little stuffed doggy!

20150209_165256 20150209_172356And finally… James and Cora thought Dad was home so they went to the door to check it out and watched him do a bit of shoveling around the mail box quick before coming inside.

The next few days are super busy for us!  Joe has a haircut tomorrow night and I’m getting my eyebrows done and then Wednesday James has his 15 month doctor’s visit with some shots and we will probably take our friend Eleanor either out for breakfast or for lunch after the doctor’s appointment.  James and I are also going to go shopping, cook a chicken, hopefully vacuum out the car if it’s nice enough and do some more fun activities for Valentine’s Day coming up!  Joe is pretty busy at work with a project ending, some possible travel coming up and then a snowmobile competition that he is a judge for coming up too.  Plus he is finally applying to graduate school! He wouldn’t start until the summer and there are no details yet but I’ll share about that at some point too!


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