Paint Bags and Bug Excavation


One of our activities from yesterday was making a paint bag!  This is definitely not my original idea, I’ve seen it all over the internet but it was the first time we tried it out.  James wasn’t overly interested in it, but he did play with it a little bit.


All you do is put paint in a big ziploc bag, whatever colours you want and then seal it up and tape it up and let them go for it!


James successfully made green and purple by mixing his colours around.  And since there is no mess involved I just left it hanging and will leave it up for awhile for him to look at and squish around if he feels like it.


Our other activity from yesterday was bug excavation!  I frozen a few little plastic bugs into a tupperware of water and then got out a few tools and a bucket of warm/hot water and let James play in it.  Mostly he drank the water (blue with food colouring) and splashed but he did learn to pour water over the ice to make it melt.

20150203_165116 20150203_165119 20150203_165157

He had a lot of fun licking the ice too once it got smaller and he was even brave and tested it out against his belly. Brrrr.


One of the cats wanted to check out what James was doing too.

20150203_170642 20150203_170651

In the end all the bugs were saved from the ice and all of the water was dumped onto the blanket, floor and all over James but water is easy enough to clean up and I think he had fun! We have a second tupperware in the freezer for another day and I think over the summer this will be a fun activity to do when it’s hot out.  We can freeze little cars, or little toy animals or all kinds of things… whatever we’re working with at the time!


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