Crazy James and his New Bed

James’ duvet came in today so we stuffed it into the cover that I got last week and we added a lamp to his room.  I also safety pinned pieces of fleece to the backs of his ‘blackout’ curtains to make them block a bit more light.  At some point I should get bigger sheets of fleece but I used what I had and it still makes a difference even though it isn’t entirely covering the window.  We also rehung a couple of pictures that had been removed for a bit and organized his room all nice.  Tomorrow some corner/edge safety padding is coming in the mail and then Joe has to bolt James’ changing table to the wall at some point too.


James playing dress up a couple of days ago.  He really likes to wear the shooting ear muffs and his sunglasses although not usually together.  I tried to convince him to wear them together but I think the muffs pushed the sides of the glasses into his head so he didn’t like it.


James’ room has a little play area now and his rocker is by the window on the right and then his bed and changing table on the other side with a little side table and a bunch of books etc.  There’s more I wouldn’t mind doing as he gets older but for now it’s definitely a step in the direction of a toddler room instead of a nursery! He was super pumped about his new fluffy blanket and will sit on his bed and point to the vehicles.



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