Valentine’s Activity and Big Boy Bed

Just a quick pictures tonight, it’s getting late and Joe just got home with some supper!

These first three are from yesterday, James was so excited to drive on the couch! He tries and tries to get all of his big toys onto the couch so hard. He was beaming happy. I stood there for a couple minutes so he could be happy about it and then I made him get down!

20150129_113433 20150129_113439 20150129_113454

Then later in the day we had a nice Valentine’s Day themed activity.  He has done this sort of thing several times before but I thought he might like a holiday, festive one. The hole in the bottle is pretty easy for him so I tried to make it a bit harder by giving him different lengths of sparkly, red pipe cleaner to put in the bottle.

20150129_163050 20150129_163127 20150129_163142

This morning we were about to get some paints out before bath time and while I was getting supplies James came out of the mudroom with some shooting earmuffs so we played with those for a bit.  Then after bath we spent some time looking at his new bedding.  Unfortunately I bought a duvet cover, not a comforter, so I have to wait for an actual duvet to come to stuff his blanket but his new pillow cases and sheets are on his bed and he likes to look at the cars and trucks. I will take a better photo once its finished and everything is all done. We did take his nap in his bed though today and he made it a whole two hours! (with me though of course, not alone)

20150130_103314 20150130_103330 20150130_150727

And this last one. Poor James. He thought he could drive his fire truck up his ramp and he was so mad that it wouldn’t fit.  He tried and tried! Then we got out some better cars and some tennis balls that rolled down it too.


Tomorrow we have a parade to go to and maybe some errands, it’s supposed to be cold but it should still be pretty fun!


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