Our Week in Pictures

We’ve had a pretty good last week, lots of tasty food and some fun activities… just not much blog updating.

Here is our past week in no particular order!


Saturday Night Joe went out with some of his friends for the evening and James and I went to a Christmas party at one of my old coworkers houses.  She usually has her Christmas party before Christmas but this year it didn’t work out so she had a January party instead.  Here is James dancing with two of the other kids there 🙂


I put a blanket in the side of the piano thinking Chloe might like it to sleep in.  Ocean and Pinga have some other hidey hole type places they enjoy sleeping in that Chloe can’t get to or fit in.  Chloe rejected this spot though and Ocean and Pinga took it over as their own. Ocean has been extra snuggly lately… if I have the dryer on she will sit on top of that but otherwise she wants a little warm spot to snooze.  A couple of days ago Cora got out of the recliner and there was Ocean underneath her all curled up! We had no idea Ocean was even in the chair but she had been all snuggled up under Cora’s butt in the corner of the chair.


Reading a bedtime story (yes James is still wearing Christmas jammies…his non-Christmas jammies are getting too small so we’ve been wearing his two pairs of Christmas ones still!)  Joe was reading a section of book that has James touch Gabin’s nose (Gabin is Sophie the Giraffe’s friend) and then touch his nose too.  James is pretty good at finding his nose, ears, head, teeth, belly button, toes and feet. He can also find the same body parts on other people sometimes too.


A couple of nights ago I attempted to make tomato, basil, mozzarella risotto… I think it turned out pretty good.


James just got his big boy bed in the mail yesterday and the blankets for it are coming today.  Then we have to attach some furniture to his wall and do a little more good baby proofing in his room and then we can see if he will sleep in his bed at night.  I kind of doubt he will… I’m guessing it will be a process, but at least we have the bed and can read books in it and try to start taking naps in it too! We tried to take a nap in it yesterday but James was too excited about it. He eventually did fall asleep but it was a short nap and not very good sleep.


We also got a nursery noise machine/projector thinking it might help James fall asleep.  It has 6 different sound options and 3 options for the projector. We only tried it one night and it definitely did not help him fall asleep.  He thought the projector part was so fun he wanted to get up and look at it.


James helping me cook some vegetable curry and flat bread for supper last night.

20150128_183259 20150128_194526Cora enjoying James’ bed (and stuffed animal)  while we were reading books with him before bed.


James helping make some bacon, cheeseburger pizza for supper last week.  Except he was mostly picking bits of bacon and ground beef off to eat.  That corner was James part 🙂


Joe thinks James looks like a sad, little old man when I put him in this kind of outfit! Haha. Poor James. He does kind of look like a little old man just kinda hanging out in his nursing home.  I picked out his pants this day, and I usually put him in sweat pants like this (although he just recently got a couple pairs of jeans!) because they are comfy and easier to climb and play in and then I gave him two shirts to pick from and he picked this shirt so he just happened to be wearing all grey except for a little bit of blue on his socks.


Over the weekend Joe made us a bunch of tasty food.  This was supper Sunday night, chicken wings and then deep-fried pickled eggs.  Joe’s chicken wings are always really good, James ate his so much that I finally had to take the bone away from him! The pickled eggs were good too but not totally perfected yet.  Joe got a big jug of them and is trying out recipes with them. Mmm.


Then Monday night we had avocados stuffed with shrimp and a bean mixture with homemade mustard vinaigrette.  It was pretty tasty too! We always like avocado and James really likes beans so he ate mostly those.  I keep offering James raw lettuce/greens but so far he hasn’t been feeling it and tends to eat around them.  Eventually we’ll eat them enough he will try them or learn to like them. He eats cooked spinach sometimes although I don’t make it that often.


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