All About Red

James and I had an Eleanor day today and I decided to start teaching him some colours! So, in honour of Valentine’s Day coming up next month I picked red as our first colour.  Hopefully James isn’t colour blind though, otherwise red might end up being difficult for him.  We’ll see!

20150122_123859A basketful of red items! We have even more though, apparently we have lots of red things in the house, so we’ll trade some out too.  Below you can see James investigating all of his red stuff while wearing his red cape.  And, he happened to be wearing a red striped shirt this morning too.




Then after his bath we were playing upstairs… he was incredibly excited about these stick together block things… that’s why he was flapping his hands all over!  He also got brand new socks today so after our bath he got to wear red socks and another red striped shirt.  He also got to wear his new jeans today.  Technically not his first pair… he did have a pair when he was like a month old and wore them maybe once but otherwise hasn’t really worn jeans since! These have a nice doggy (maybe bear?) paw print on them.




Later this afternoon we tried to clean out the car but didn’t get too far.  James had fun ‘driving’ while I vacuumed.



A pretty sunset out our sunroom window tonight!



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